100 Days Out - Today show
Team USA's athletes, including swimmer Missy Franklin, joined Matt Lauer on the Today show set as part of the 100 Days Out celebration on Wednesday.

The Road to London Celebration presented by Hilton HHonors transformed Times Square into a festive Olympic Village for one remarkable day, complete with dozens of athletes, sport demonstrations, giveaways, autograph sessions, interactive sport experiences, and more than just a touch of London.


Our Amy Rosewater and Brandon Penny were on the scene in Manhattan, providing updates from Midtown, including all the fun in Times Square!

7 a.m. Today show begins with Olympic fanfare

7:23 a.m. Tourists walk by Times Square with Olympic display. "Honey," the man says to the woman who appears to be his wife, "we got to take a picture of this!"

7:52 a.m. Spot four-time Olympic gold medalist John Naber getting ready to do an interview. Get a quick question in: how many medals will Michael Phelps win in London? Answer: probably not another eight but if he wins three more medals he will be the most decorated Olympian and I think he can win five or six

8:02 a.m. See Rhythmic gymnast Julie Zetlin in the hotel. She looks put together and ready to do a demonstration on Times Square. You would never know she came straight from an event in Italy to be here in New York. Yes, she was hoping to stop by Starbucks

8:25 a.m. USA athletes are getting briefed as to where they will be doing demos

8:26 a.m. standing next to Tim Morehouse said it was very historic for team USA to win the world title in Ukraine this past weekend. They did a great job and it shows how far the sport of fencing has come. Morehouse will be competing on his third Olympic games. He was not at those world champs but rather was at an event in Virginia Beach

8:29 a.m. Pat Sandusky is introducing the event

8:30 a.m. We've transformed times square into an Olympic village

9:16 a.m. Caroline Queen, whitewater slalom kayak, got into NYC yesterday with her family. She's from D.C., and she's super excited to be here. Had Trials last weekend and finished second overall. Her and Ashley Nee are tied in qualification points, but Caroline has the tiebreaker. It will come down to how they do at first 2012 world cup in June in England. She is going to England on Sunday to train leading up to that event and plans/hopes to not come back til after the Games. This would be her first Olympics. She's most excited about the chance to represent the U.S., and she loves seeing how excited the country gets about the Olympics

9:21 a.m. Allyson Felix says she will compete in about four or five races before Trials. Definitely running the 200m at Trials and deciding between also doing the 100 or 400 -- she'll compete in two of the three. Thinking about the 100 days mark gives her butterflies. She's excited to compete in London, loves the city, and has competed there several times before -- she says the fans get crazy excited

9:51 a.m. We made it to Times Square!

100 Days Out - Times Square
Photo courtesy: Amy Rosewater

9:58 a.m. We caught up with Rau'shee Warren, who said he may have one warm-up fight between now and London, for a few minutes too ...

On 100 Days: "It's telling you it's getting closer and that's big, but I'm ready for competition, I'm ready to see who my first opponent is"

On being the first Team USA boxer to qualify for three Olympics: "It means a lot. It shows how hard I work and how much I want it and how hungry I am. If you've got a dream, never give up. I went when I was 17-years-old, now I'm 25. I've always had a dream of winning a medal, the first two times I failed, so this time around I can't fail"

On what he's doing differently this time around: "This time around, I'm gonna be fighting first to end, every second, every minute. This is gonna be a different Rau'shee Warren"

On red hair, which has been that way for nine months and will stay that way for London: "This is something different I wanted to do -- I want people to remember me as a boxer but also for my hair. It's like the red devil coming out, I'm not taking it easy on nobody."

Rau'shee Warren
Photo courtesy: Amy Rosewater

10:12 a.m. Team USA staff and athletes prep for major USOC announcement

10:22 a.m. USOC CEO Scott Blackmun takes the main stage in Times Square, beginning Raise Our Flag announcement

10:24 a.m. Olympic athletes and hopefuls watch as USOC CMO Lisa Baird and CEO Scott Blackmun speak

10:29 a.m. Olympic legends Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis, Shannon Miller and Allyson Felix on stage helping make the Raise Our Flag announcement

100 Days Out - Stage
Photo courtesy: Brandon Penny

10:34 a.m. United States and USOC flags are raised in Times Square

10:28 a.m. Allyson Felix: "I can't believe it's this close." Felix dedicated the first stitch to Olympic legends

100 Days Out - Times Square
Photo courtesy: Amy Rosewater

11:19 a.m. John Naber introduced four 1948 Olympians: Sammy Lee, Alice Coachman, Mal Whitfield and Ray Lumpp

11:55 a.m. Brittany Viola hands a 1948 flag to Sammy Lee, Chaunte Lowe gave a flag to Coachman, Jess Williams gave a flag to Whitfield and Maya Moore gave one to Lumpp

11:53 a.m. U.S. Equestrian athletes talk to fans in front of the Team USA bus ...

100 Days Out - Times Square
Photo Courtesy: Brandon Penny

11:59 a.m. Beach volleyball demonstration in Times Square ...

100 Days Out - Times Square
Photo Courtesy: Brandon Penny

12:01 p.m. Benita Fitzgerald, gold medalist, said the first time she met Alice Coachman she cried. "If it weren't for her there wouldn't be a me"

12:05 p.m. Chaunte Lowe says this is first the first time meeting Coachman and Dick Fosbury. Lowe said she plans on getting plenty of stitches for the raise our flag campaign: one for her uncle who bought her first spikes

Something you might not expect to hear from an athlete: "I'm going to have a lot of stitches." Lowe laughed after saying that. "These are good stitches," she said

12:37 p.m. Elizabeth Armstrong: "Water polo is a cross between hockey and basketball"

12:50 p.m. Myles Porter on being visually impaired judo athlete: "Judo is like playing a game of chess but for me it's like playing chess with a few missing pieces"