USOPC Policies – Athlete Media Events
Updated 6-20-19


Travel & Airfare

  • All USOPC-paid travel must be on United Airlines, the USOPC’s partner airline. Exceptions are only made for athletes needing to travel to/from small airports into which United does not fly. Exceptions are not made for preferred travel times or international flights.
  • Tickets will be for economy seating.
  • The USOPC will pay for athletes to fly into and out of the event airport. Athletes and their NGBs wishing to conduct additional travel, such as for competitions or personal reasons, will be responsible for the cost of those legs of the travel and any additional hotel nights.
  • The USOPC is able to pay for invited athletes’ airfare only, as well as one chaperone for any athlete under 18 (see below).
  • Ground transport from the airport to the hotel and back will be provided by the USOPC for invited athletes and chaperones.



  • The USOPC will pay for the athletes’ hotel rooms and taxes. The USOPC is not able to pay for incidentals such as room service, Internet, laundry services or in-room movies.



  • Athletes will be provided with on-site catering, hotel meal vouchers or per diem, depending on the event, the length of stay and the planned activities. All athletes will receive the same meal service options.
  • Meals will be provided for athletes and chaperones.



  • At most events, athletes will be provided with Nike and/or Ralph Lauren clothing at registration. They are asked to wear this apparel to the event activities, as they are representatives of Team USA while at a USOPC function. This helps create a uniform look and embodies the spirit of the team.
  • At some events, athletes will also receive brand-neutral clothing, which the USOPC offers as a back-up should an athlete have a sponsor conflict. This clothing will often have a Team USA logo, but it will not include any sponsor marks. If this option is available, athletes may wear this apparel to event activities after discussing their situation with the USOPC.
  • Athletes are not allowed to wear competitive brands with logos or other identifying marks (including clothing, hats, stickers and accessories) at USOPC athlete media events.
  • The exception to this rule is a photo shoot during which the athlete is asked to wear “competitive” clothing, meaning apparel and equipment worn on the field of play. Examples are ski jackets, swimsuits, leotards, uniforms, etc. This only applies to competitive-specific shoots, which are determined by the USOPC. Logos may only be those of the manufacturer of each item (IE: clothing company okay, beverage company not okay).



  • The USOPC will make every effort to ensure that appropriate training facilities are available for athletes, either at the hotel or at nearby training facilities. Please let the USOPC know if you or your athlete has specific training needs.



  • The USOPC will have a detailed schedule available for athletes onsite. Upon request, the USOPC will make a tentative schedule available to you prior to the event.
  • Registration Room
  • All athlete and guest first stops at an event should be at the USOPC registration room to pick up room keys, schedules, apparel and other items.
  • Should wireless Internet access be available in the registration room, athletes are welcome to use it throughout the event.



  • Athletes under the age of 18 at the time of the event should be accompanied by a chaperone. The chaperone must be a parent, legal guardian, coach or press officer. 



  • Individuals considered guests include coaches, agents, family members and spouses.
  • Each athlete may invite one guest to attend the media event. These guests are welcome to attend so long as they go through the USOPC credential application process. Should an athlete need more than one guest to accompany them, they may request an exception, which will be considered by the USOPC on a case-by-case basis.
  • Guests can book lodging at the host hotel at the USOPC’s rate, should it be available.


Non-USOPC Events

  • Due to the complex and full schedules athletes undertake at USOPC media events, outside events may not be planned in tandem, including athletes’ sponsor functions or one-on-one media sessions. Please consult with the USOPC if you need to request an exception.