(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Two-time Olympian Chad Vaughn (Florence, Texas / Spoon Barbell Club) had done exactly one full CrossFit workout prior to entering the CrossFit / USA Weightlifting Open at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs on Saturday. 


A certified coach who teaches Olympic weightlifting to CrossFit athletes weekly to athletes around Austin, Vaughn tried not to worry about the competition prior to this weekend.


"I really tried not to have any expectations.  The only real WOD that I’ve ever done was during my CrossFit Level 1 certification," Vaughn said.  "I’ve been doing a few pull-ups and double-unders here and there just to be familiar with it, but I was training for Worlds so I wasn’t able to do a whole lot.  I just tried to have no expectations because I really didn’t want to have to think about it too much."


Nine days after competing at the Senior World Championships in Antalya, Turkey, Vaughn returned to the platform at the Open – a first-time event that combines the two Olympic lifts with a CrossFit event known as the Triplet that includes six squat cleans (55kg men / 30kg women), 12 pull-ups and 24 double unders.


Vaughn took an early lead in the event when the completed all six of his lifts, totaling 313kg after a best snatch of 141kg and a 172kg clean and jerk.


"I felt really good.  Coming off the Worlds a week and a half ago I felt better than I thought I would," Vaughn said.  "The plan today was to start off a little bit light and just be consistent and I was pleased I was able to make all my lifts.  That was really the goal today."


In the Triplet, Vaughn completed more than three rounds of the exercises in 10 minutes to place 12th overall in the 85kg division of the CrossFit / USA Weightlifting Open.


"As much respect as I have for the CrossFitters before, I have so much more respect for them now," Vaughn said.  "You have know idea how hard it is ‘til you really jump in and try it and that was really the goal today.  I knew it was going to be hard, but I was really looking forward to it. 


Vaughn went on to say that Olympic weightlifting has been well-received by the CrossFit community.


"I’ve not worked with a CrossFitter yet that hasn’t had a really really good attitude and been really eager to learn and it just makes me eager to teach the lifts through my new Web site OlyAthlete.com," Vaughn said of his new venture.  "Their attitude and eagerness to learn has really motivated me to work with them more and more.  It’s been an even bigger opportunity for myself and my wife and Ursula Garza who’s working with us on OlyAthlete.  Our goal is just to be a weightlifting source, not only for CrossFitters, but for anybody else who’s interested in Olympic lifting and we’re just constantly trying to put new material on our Web site and keep it fresh.  We’re doing one and two-day seminars anywhere in the U.S. right now and online coaching and we’re just really looking forward to what the future’s gonna bring."


But the real question is "Will he do it again?"


"It’s a challenge.  Competing is in my blood.  Weightlifting is still a challenge to me of course.  This is just a new challenge I could see myself getting into," Vaughn said.  "Of course I’ve got a few more years of being a sport-specific weightlifter, but after I’m done competing I may take a little break and do a little CrossFit here and there and I could see myself getting into it after I retire just to stay in shape and compete a little bit."


For now, Vaughn said he looks forward to watching his wife Jodi, herself a former National Champion, compete at the American Open from Dec. 11-13 in Cincinnati. 


"I kind of want to focus on just training right now too, so I don’t know if I’ll compete there," Vaughn said.  "My wife’s an Olympic weightlifter as well and she’s taken some time off because we had a baby who just turned a year old now.  So she’s been slowly trying to get back into it and she’s looking forward to competing herself.  If nothing else I’m looking forward to going there and watching her compete again."


The 85kg division was won by Joshua Everett (Imperial Beach, Calif. / Team CrossFit) who held onto a lead after he earned a weightlifting total of 267kg which allowed him to earn the gold medal by a six-point margin over Patrick Burke (Lafayette, Colo. / Unattached).  Everett’s total also qualified him to compete at the American Open Weightlifting Championships, Dec. 11-13 in Cincinnati.


Vaughn’s 85kg division was just one of six that were contested on Saturday.


In the 77kg division, Kevin Montoya (Lakewood, Colo. / Unattached) came back from an 11th place finish in the weightlifting portion of the event to edge out Gary Baron (Lincoln, Calif. / Unattached) when Montoya completed just over eight rounds of the Triplet.


Although the men’s 69kg division was held on Friday, one athlete was left to compete and the final results could not be tallied until the conclusion of the first session on Saturday.   Russell Berger (Huntsville, Ala. / Angry Goat Athletics) held onto first place, however, winning gold with a weightlifting total of 197kg and nearly eight completed rounds of the Triplet. 


The men’s 94kg division was held on Saturday, but also has one athlete left to compete and will conclude on Sunday.


On the women’s side, 2010 CrossFit Games Champion Kristan Clever (Sherman Oaks, Calif. / Team CrossFit), who also qualified to compete in the American Open, won her 63kg division by 70 points as she lifted 16kg more than her closest competitor in the weightlifting portion of the event and completed more than seven rounds of the Triplet. 


In the 69kg division, Lindsey Benson (Camarillo, Calif. / Unattached) made an impressive USA Weightlifting debut with a total of 160kg – beating the American Open qualifying standard by 20kg.  Jasmine Dever (Denver, Colo. / Front Range CrossFit), who had the second best weightlifting total of the day, moved ahead of Benson after a successful Triplet in which she completed more than six rounds of the Triplet in the allotted 10 minutes.


Competition concludes on Sunday when the men’s and women’s heavyweight divisions will be held.  The schedule is as follows:


11 a.m.

Women’s 75kg and +75kg


2 p.m.

Men’s 105kg and +105kg



Results below include the top eight in each weight division and list combined total of snatch and clean and jerk, point total of the CrossFit Triplet and total points:


Men’s 69kg

1. Russell Berger (Huntsville, Ala. / Angry Goat Athletics): 197kg, 315pts, 512pts

2. Deric Maruquin (Manor, Texas / Unattached): 206pts, 254pts, 460pts

3. Richard Trujillo (Arvada, Colo. / Unattached): 160kg, 294pts, 460pts

4. Ian Droze (Sunnyvale, Calif. / Unattached): 220kg, 205pts, 425pts

5. Bryan David (Davie, Fla. / Unattached): 161kg, 242pts, 403pts

6. Joshua Akiona (Honolulu, Hawaii / Unattached): 186kg, 215pts, 401pts

7. Wes Hutchinson (Loomis, Colo. / Unattached): 185kg, 211pts, 396pts

8. Chris Zienkievicz (Denver, Colo. / CrossFit Verve): 160kg, 210pts, 370pts


Men’s 77kg

1. Kevin Montoya (Lakewood, Colo. / Unattached): 203kg, 337pts, 540pts

2. Gary Baron (Lincoln, Calif. / Unattached): 230kg, 296pts, 526pts

3. Austin Malleolo (Clifton Park, N.Y. / Unattached): 217kg, 267pts, 484pts

4. John Brown (Montrose, Colo. / Team CrossFit): 208kg, 274pts, 482pts

5. William Bybee (Campbell, Calif. / Unattached): 225kg, 255pts, 480pts

6. Michael McElroy (Madison, Miss. / Faction Weightlifting): 218kg, 258pts, 476pts

7. Breck Berry (Tulsa, Okla. / Unattached): 205kg, 254pts, 459pts

8. Travis Cassidy (Sacramento, Calif. / Team Atlas): 200kg, 258pts, 458pts


Men’s 85kg

1. Joshua Everett (Imperial Beach, Calif. / Team CrossFit): 267kg, 259pts, 526pts

2. Patrick Burke (Lafayette, Colo. / Unattached): 225kg, 295pts, 520pts

3. Gabe Subry (Lodi, Calif. / Unattached): 208kg, 296pts, 504pts

4. James Hobart (Otis, Mass. / Unattached): 236kg, 262pts, 498pts

5. Vic Zachary (Houston, Texas / Unattached): 224kg, 256pts, 480pts

6. Matthew Baird (Tuscaloosa, Ala. / Coffee’s Gym): 213kg, 264pts, 477pts

7. Justin Riley (Sacramento, Calif. / Unattached):  216kg, 261pts, 477pts

8. Colin Jenkins (Ventura, Calif. / Team CrossFit): 245kg, 228pts, 473pts


Women’s 63kg

1. Kristan Clever (Sherman Oaks, Calif. / Team CrossFit): 149kg, 302pts, 451pts

2. Colleen Maher (Aurora, Colo. / Front Range CrossFit): 112kg, 259pts, 371pts

3. Emmalee Moore (Denver, Colo. / CrossFit Verve): 116pts, 253kg, 369pts

4. Mel Ockerby (Natick, Mass. / Unattached): 133kg, 228pts, 361pts

5. Nicole Christensen (Team CrossFit): 123kg, 223pts, 346pts

6. Heather Bergeron (Natick, Mass. / Unattached): 78kg, 260pts, 338pts

7. Marina Velasquez (Manteca, Calif. / Unattached): 109kg, 225pts, 334pts

8. Cherie Chan (Denver, Colo. / CrossFit Verve): 121kg, 213pts, 334pts


Women’s 69kg

1. Jasmine Dever (Denver, Colo. / Front Range CrossFit): 137kg, 259pts, 396pts

2. Michelle Benedict (Spring Lake, N.C. / Raleigh Weightlifting Club): 136kg, 228pts, 364pts

3. Lindsey Benson (Camarillo, Calif. / Unattached): 160kg, 201pts, 361pts

4. Samantha Keough (Jaffrey, N.H. / Unattached): 133kg, 213pts, 346pts

5. Krisina Escobar (Colorado Springs, Colo. / Front Range Weightlifting): 119kg, 221pts, 340pts

6. Anna Anderson (Evergreen, Colo. / CrossFit Verve): 128kg, 211pts, 339pts

7. Katie Russell (Houston, Texas / Unattached): 118kg, 210pts, 328pts

8. Miranda Oldroyd (Murray, Utah / Team CrossFit): 137kg, 173pts, 310pts


For more information, contact Nicole Jomantas, USA Weightlifting Director of Media Relations, at 719.761.7909 or Nicole.Jomantas@usaweightlifting.org.