U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee Statement on the Dec. 17 Court of Arbitration for Sport Ruling:  


“On behalf of Team USA and the Olympic and Paralympic community in the United States, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee is gratified by the elements of the CAS ruling upholding WADA’s strong sanctions against Russian sport organizations, and deeply disappointed by other elements of the ruling that materially weaken these sanctions. With all other organizations and advocates who value clean sport and clean athletes, we need to understand further what will transpire next in this dark chapter for international sport. 


What is clear at this point is that the blatant disregard shown for the rules and purpose of anti-doping regulations in this case has harmed clean athletes and gone further to erode confidence in the international anti-doping construct. Whatever the final effect of implementation of the CAS ruling, we must acknowledge that it is only the latest chapter in a terrible story of a calculated, and at least partially successful scheme, to attack clean athletes and fundamental Olympic and Paralympic values. It is vital that all organizations fighting for clean sport and clean athletes learn the hard lessons this case has taught.  

The USOPC has heard clearly from our own athlete representatives their view that there is an urgent need for leadership and deep, expedient changes to the current governance, systems, and organizations responsible for the international anti-doping movement. They feel the current status quo deeply threatens the short and long-term prospects of athletes and the Olympic and Paralympic movements as a whole.  


We encourage WADA to continue its ongoing reform work to strengthen governance systems against conflicts of interest and increase trust among athletes. This case has exemplified how critical it is to have a strong and independent WADA at the head of the global anti-doping effort. We appreciate the progress WADA has made to date, and offer our partnership and assistance in this work. 


And for the rest of the world’s organizations and advocates interested in reclaiming global sport for clean athletes and the millions of people they inspire, we must redouble our own efforts to ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again.”