Nicole Joraanstad (Madison, Wis.), Curling
 "The whole experience was so unreal. When we walked into the opening ceremony, it was like a dream come true. We were the ones on that side of the camera, not home watching it on the TV…just amazing. It was such an awesome moment for me, for the team and all of Team USA."
Jason Smith (Cape Coral, Fla.), Curling
"Walking out there in front of all those people was so amazing. My heart won’t stop racing for a long time. This puts a whole new measure on why we work so hard to reach the top of the sport. They put on a great show, and I’m happy I got to witness it firsthand."
Liz Stephen (East Montpelier, Vt.), Cross Country Skiing
"It was awesome. I don't even know how to explain it. Coming out and hearing everyone cheering was so cool. I couldn't even believe it. It was definitely the biggest stadium I've ever been in. It was pretty crazy."
Morgan Arritola (Ketchum, Idaho), Cross Country Skiing
"It was really awesome to be on the other end of the opening ceremonies. I've always watched it on TV, but to actually be there was pretty amazing. It was an awesome show. Backstage with the other athletes was really fun. You could feel the sprit and hear everyone cheering."
Curt Tomasevicz (Shelby, Neb.), Bobsled
"An athlete's favorite moment is walking into Opening Ceremonies and getting recognition from the world. When I participated in the 2006 ceremonies I didn't know what to expect and it came and went before I knew what happened. This time I knew how things would work. Having competed in this sport for another four years I had greater appreciation for Opening Ceremonies and their ability to bring us all together with the Olympic spirit. I was also really impressed with the lighting system and the graphics on the floor. That was pretty cool and the colors were intense."
(Tomasevicz was a 2006 Olympian, 2009 World Champion and 2010 World Cup Champion)
John Daly (Smithtown, N.Y.), Skeleton
"That was the most amazing thing of my life. Walking into the ceremony was unbelievable and something I'll never forget. When the torch was lit it was official. I spent the last few weeks saying I was an Olympian, but I didn't feel like one until that flame was lit. I got chills. The entire world felt the Olympic spirit tonight, and we were all united together."
Shauna Rohbock (Orem, Utah), Bobsled
"The Opening Ceremony was awesome. We spent a lot of time waiting to walk in, so there was a lot of anticipation. We'd walk a few feet and everyone would start getting excited and cheer, then we'd wait. Once we knew we were finally getting our moment to walk out, everyone started screaming and chanting ‘USA.’ It was a lot of fun seeing everyone going in and getting so excited. There was so much energy tonight, and I'm glad I was able to be a part of that."
Jessie Vetter (Cottage Grove, Wis.), Women’s Ice Hockey
"That was unbelievable! I had goose bumps when USA was announced!
Angela Ruggiero (Simi Valley, Calif.), Women’s Ice Hockey
"The Opening Ceremony was amazing – it never gets old. I loved the artistry and music at this year’s opening. That is what being an Olympian is all about!"
Caitlin Cahow (Branford, Conn.), Women’s Ice Hockey
"Words cannot express what an emotional experience it was to walk into the stadium wearing Red, White and Blue. I am so deeply honored to be a member of Team USA and more proud to be an American than ever."
Hilary Knight (Hanover, N.H.), Women’s Ice Hockey
"The Opening Ceremony was everything I could have ever dreamed it to be and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Seeing the cauldron being lit was magical. I couldn’t help but smile the entire ceremony."
Emily Samuelson (Novi, Mich.), Ice Dancing
"The Opening Ceremony was completely incredible!  I am so proud to be an American and honored to be here in Vancouver representing our country!
Charlie White (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.), Ice Dancing
"The Opening Ceremony was really fantastic. Such a great atmosphere to start the biggest competition of our lives!
Rachel Flatt (Del Mar, Calif.), Figure Skating
"Wow. When they raised the Olympic flag, I was able to grasp how incredible and amazing this opportunity is. Wow.
Meryl Davis (West Bloomfield, Mich.), Ice Dancing
"The Opening Ceremonies were even more amazing than I had ever imagined. I defiantly feel like part of team USA now and I know this is an experience I'll never forget"
Leanne Smith (Conway, N.H.), Alpine Skiing
"You could always try to expect something like that, but it's always way better than you can imagine. It was pretty incredible to walk in with your nation - you can't really explain it. You share one common thing and that's to represent your country. It's something you can't recreate and we're all really lucky to be a part of it."
Will Brandenburg (Spokane, Wash.), Alpine Skiing
"It was amazing. You step out there and it kind of takes your breath away a little bit. You get the energy out of all the other athletes you meet there. I think right when you walk out of the tunnel and you see the whole stadium and you hear the music and all that, it's something I'll never forget. I don't think I'll ever be able to re-create it, it was pretty cool."
Alice McKennis (Glenwood Springs, Colo.), Alpine Skiing
"It was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced - ever. It was really amazing to walk out in the parade and have everyone watching you and be able to represent the U.S. It was a really proud moment, not only for me, for everyone. Before we walked out I was getting butterflies, chills and that kind of thing. When we finally walked through that doorway, it was amazing - the coolest thing I've ever done. I walked the parade with Casey Puckett, who was my old coach for a while and that was cool to be here with him. It was special and a feeling I'll never forget."
Elli Ochowicz (Hartland, Wis.), Speedskating
"About to walk into the Olympic stadium. The anxious expressions on my teammates’ faces are what make this an unforgettable Olympic moment. The whole delegation chants USA! Country pride all the way.  This is what the Olympics are all about."
Rebekah Bradford (Apple Valley, Minn.), Speedskating
"I couldn't wait to walk into the stadium with Team USA. What an honor to represent our country!"
Mark Ladwig (Fargo, N.D./Moorhead, Minn.), Figure Skating
"I loved being squat in the middle of my new family, the athletes of the world are my brothers and sisters. I was numb with the thrill of sharing a moment that will forever be unique to us. I will admit I cried as the speeches started and confirmed that I have crossed the threshold of becoming an Olympian. I felt chills when we stood in silence for Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili. All sports carry risk and I am thankful that I am alive to compete and I will honor his memory with my best efforts."
Trevor Marsicano (Ballston Spa, N.Y.), Speedskating
"It was so awesome to walk through the march and to think I am now one of those athletes that I have watched on TV. I am honored to be able to honor my country."