Kikkan Randall (Anchorage, Alaska)
"It all kind of came together at the last minute. We have a really strong women's team all together and we didn't pick our team until the last two days, but Caitlin's really strong and it's great to have a partner that's going to keep me in the race."


"I was getting ready for my first lap, so I didn't really see it [the pileup within the first 30 seconds] and all of a sudden I looked up the hill and saw that it had strung out a bit and I figured something must have happened. I was hoping Caitlin got the good end of that, but she did get caught up in it so I knew that our game plan just changed a little bit and that we were going to have to try to make up some ground every lap."


"Overall I felt strong every round and still had a lot left at the finish."


Caitlin Compton (Minneapolis, Minn.)
"I noticed some girls bogging down to the right and I saw an opening so I went left and sure enough the group to the right went down. As they were clearing their pileup, one of the girls just stepped right out in front of me on my ski and I went down."


"Kikkan's last lap was phenomenal. You couldn't ask a person to have a better lap."


"It was a great race for the two of us and I think just having an hour in between really plays to our strengths so I think we were ready to go out there and give it everything we have."