Morgan Arritola (Ketchum, Idaho)
"It was good to get the first race underway. I didn't feel great, I didn't feel terrible. A little sigh of relief now and I'm ready for the pursuit."

"I was pretty nervous, but at the end of the day it's still a race and we do those all year long and I felt prepared and just went out and did my best."

Liz Stephen (East Monpelier, Vt.)

"It was not the result I wanted, but it was a great course and I'm having a blast. I guess I just didn't put the race together that I wanted. My body feels really good in training, but I just really couldn't access the speed I wanted. Maybe next time."

"Last night they handed out bibs to us and we were so giddy!"


Caitlin Compton (Minneapolis, Minn.)
"I think the conditions were great considering the weather we'd had the past week here. Part of me had such a great time during the first lap. All of the fast women were around me and it was exciting coming through the stadium with them."

"30th result isn't bad considering this is my first Olympics. I think we have great potential for this next week and the next four years."


Holly Brooks (Anchorage, Alaska)
"It was a happy medium between the rock hard conditions yesterday and the deep sugar of a couple days before. I felt pretty good and tried to start pretty conservative because the last two 10k skate's I've done, I went out pretty hard and blown up at the end."

"It was really fair out there and the best skiers won."