Sunday afternoon J.R. Cleski held a media availability to discuss his bronze-medal finish in Saturday night's 1,500-meter short track speedskating final. The following are highlights from the session:

 On winning the bronze: "I can’t describe the emotions that went through my head these last five months and especially last night. It was a big blur to me. I stayed confident in myself and never had any doubts in myself."

 On what he saw during the race: "I knew there was a lot of bumping going on. Usually in short track when something like that happens, it can be seen from pretty early in the race. There’s a lot of tension in short track. I was just fortunate to be on my feet at the end."

 On the embrace with Ohno after the race: "I don’t think those moments really need words or explanation. It was a moment of joy and realizing that we both achieved something we wanted to achieve for a long time. I’m happy I got that chance to share that moment with him."

 On his road to recovery: "I attribute my successes to all of my doctors. Eric Heiden was a key person in my recovery. The staff at the USOC who helped me get back on my feet. My coaches. My sponsors. My teammates. I’m very thankful for those guys."