Kikkan Randall (Anchorage, Alaska)
"My goal going in today was to make the top 12, and I did that. All season I've been feeling like there was one gear missing, and it showed up at just the right time. What a fun day out there."
Simi Hamilton (Aspen, Colo.)
"I skied smart and made some good moves. I just got bogged down on that last 150 meters on that double pole. I'm not historically a super good double-poler, but it's something I've been working on so I've definitely been getting a lot better. I'm happy with the race, but it's always a bummer to not finish your day in the A finals, but you live to ski another day and take a bunch of things I learned out here and apply them to the next race."
Pete Vordenberg (Head Coach)
It's Kikkan's best classic sprint ever and also Simi's best classic sprint ever, so those are for sure the highlights. Doing better than you've ever done before is great, especially on the Olympic stage. As far as overall, sport comes with disappointment and sometimes it doesn't go as well as you want. Sport brings ups and downs and we've got ups in our future."