Ohno Discusses Silver Medal Finish and Place in History

This afternoon Apolo Anton Ohno (Federal Way, Wash.) Held a conference call with members of the media to discuss Saturday night's 1,500-meter short track speedskating final. The following are highlights from the session.
"It was a fantastic start to my third Olympic Games. I was skating against four generations of Koreans, four generations of Chinese, three generations of Canadians and I’ve still been able to be here every single year."


On atmosphere: "Having so much support in the arena was incredible. It felt like home ice. The Canadian fans were awesome. It felt surreal. It felt really, really good."


On the Koreans’ late fall: "When I saw those two guys lining up to make that pass going into the final corner, I knew something was going to happen. It was a mistake on their part."


On the Korean skater physically "impeding" him in final laps: "I definitely don’t think it’s typical. Not in my sport. I’ve actually never had somebody hold on to my leg or my arm that long during a race. But everybody wants to win out there. Everybody’s caught up in the emotion."  


On his place in Olympic history: "In my sport, it is very, very difficult to come to back to back Olympic Games and medal. The field is so deep. The talent is so strong. I have stood the test of time. I’ve been one of the top athletes in the world, over and over again. Hopefully when I do leave this sport, I can leave some sort of a small mark."