Andy Newell (Shaftsbury, Vt.)
"I went down on the big corner near the bottom. I was trying to keep conservative on those corners, but I don't know. It was tricky. I just found some ice and it got squirrly on those skis. This has happened to me on this course before, too."

Garrott Kuzzy (Minneapolis, Minn.)
"I couldn't really ask for better conditions for me, but I just didn't have it today I guess. I felt really relaxed. it's exactly what I would have dreamed for on this course."

"I'm not shocked that Simi made it through. He's been qualifying great all year. It's a real testament to his ability to get in there and perform well under pressure to take it in the top 30."

Torin Koos (Leavenworth, Wash.)
"It's dissapointing to not get it done on the big day. It was pretty icy, I didn't feel super comfortable with the snow."

"Literally I've thought about this every single day since the closing ceremonies in 2006. I remember watching them when they were taking down the Olympic flag at closing ceremonies thinking, there's no way that I won't be better. I have four years to get it right...and I didn't get it right."