This evening Johnny Spillane held a conference call with members of the media to discuss Sunday's silver-medal-winning Nordic combined competition. The following are highlights from the session:

On first ever U.S. medal in Nordic combined: "What we hope is that people realize and understand that this isn't one day in four years. It's something that we do every single day and work really hard at so that we can try and get results on one day every four years in February." 

On late charge by Japanese skier: "I think a lot of the other skiers were tired at that point and were letting him go. I figured it was kind of a now-or-never type of thing because you don't want to watch the gold medal ski away from you."

On hometown of Steamboar, Col.: "We've had so much support from everybody in Steamboat for so many years. It's an amazing environment to grow up in."