Team USA men's hockey GM Brian Burke held a media availability this afternoon after the 5-3 U.S. victory over Canada on Sunday. The following are highlights from the session:

"We got out-chanced 2-1 last night. Our goaltender stole us a game. That’s what happened. People can say that Canada didn’t play well. I don’t agree with that. Except for the goaltending position, we didn’t deserve to win that game last night."

On not getting a full team effort so far: "Thank god there are some guys pulling on the rope but we need everyone pulling on the rope. You didn’t see Canada’s best game last night. You didn’t see Sweden’s best game last night. Everything gets ratcheted up now. We’ve got to ratchet it up too or all this goes for naught. They don’t hand out any medals for finishing first in the preliminary round."

On the one-sided last minutes of the third: "It didn’t seem like they were in our zone, they were in our zone. But that’s why we brought the goaltender. That’s why Ryan Miller, in my opinion, has been the best goaltender in the NHL this year so far. That’s why we brought him."

On Kesler’s empty-net goal being the best ever empty-netter: "It’s the greatest I’ve seen because I haven’t seen that many great ones. I’ll tell you one thing, it brought my pulse down. That was one good thing about it. I got to breathe a little bit."