Ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the silver medal after completing the free dance portion of the ice dancing competition on Monday, Feb. 22. The following day, they held a press conference to talk about their peformance and experience as medalists in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. 


On the last 24 hours:

Davis: "It’s been an amazing 24 hours. Heading into the free dance, I think Charlie and I were really excited, and we’ve had such a positive Olympic experience so far. We really wanted to make sure we kept our heads on straight and put out a good performance. To be able to do that was really exciting for us. It’s exactly what we’ve dreamt of for years. After the free dance we were thrilled. We just wanted to have fun with it. The most important thing is to just take it all in. It’s not an experience that comes along every day. We’re just trying to review it, look around and make some memories."


White: "We came to the hotel and slept for about two hours so that’s what we’re running on right now."


On seeing their families after their performance:

White:  "They had kind of been holding it in since we finished up until that point. They were super ecstatic, and we were ecstatic that we were able to skate so well for them because their support means so much to us."


On all of the phone calls and messages they received:

White: "We got a ton of texts. Everyone was texting us and waiting for texts back. I think my Facebook page blew up. People were Twittering us so it was great to have support from people we heard from when we first started skating. They all chimed in with well wishes. It was a really cool moment."


Davis: "Anyone who knows us probably knows our BlackBerries don’t last very long because we’re on them all the time. It’s probably the first time we won’t respond to people because it’s just insane."


On friendship with Canadian figure skating gold medalists Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue:

"Scott is one of my best friends. Years from now when we’re not figure skating anymore, he’ll still be one of my best friends. Going through the same things, it’s been nice to have each other there to talk through it. We’ve been very, very fortunate.  So there haven’t been a lot of tough times that we’ve shouldered but definitely we’re there for each other that."


Davis: "We’re really good friends with them and I think that what we share them makes our bond that much deeper. I think that’s part of why we can relate so well to them is that we’ve been on the same track for so many years.  They understand what we have to go through, and I think it’s kind of the same for them. So if you have someone there that understands what exactly you have to go through, so genuinely supports you which is very unique and is very special for all of us."