Meryl Davis on winning the silver medal:
"We're so proud. We've been training for so long and the reality is amazing."

On their score:
White: "I think it's a great score. Three points above our personal best. I think we skated amazingly so that is something that would definetely affect our performance today."

On advantage they have over other pairs after being together for so long:
Davis: "I think have confidence in your partner. It means the world to us to step on the ice together and have that comfort when you step onto the Olympic ice is really necessary so we're really blessed."

On the deduction:
Davis: "It was probably just an extended was a little bit extended. Our last life has a six second time limit."

On feelings before last pair skated:
Davis: "It feels great. These Games we wanted to come in and skate three really great confident performances, enjoy the moment...and the audiences...and embrace our friends and family that have supported us for so many years."

On scores of other pairs:
White: "I wouldn't argue the scores they got. We know what they're capable of."

On fan support:
White: "I would argue that there was a lot of cheering for us. We felt like there was a lot of support. There is a huge American contingency here and we get a lot of love from the Canadians. Obviously this is their homeland so they're going to get a little bit louder reception. They've had a lot of experience and a lot of emotion going into this."

​White: "We're so proud of what we were able to do out there, to come so prepared. Under the pressure of the Olympics to skate three amazing programs is such a joy, such an accomplishment, and to have your best friends up there is the icing on top of the cake."

On what this means for North America (is it a ground-breaking time?):
Davis: "North America has really been on the verge of something big for the last several years and right now when the public is really taking note - I think it's been on the horizon for a long time and to be a part of it...we're really very grateful."

On judging system:
Davis: "With the international judging system it allowed a lot of North American teams to thrive and do what North American teams have done so well for years and get rewarded for it. So, we're really grateful to be in this sport at the time that we are. It benefits not only North American teams but specifically Charlie and myself."

On comparing themselves to the other athletes from the University of Michigan:
White: "That's tough. It's hard to compare to some of the great football players but it's great to be recognized by the great coaches that [showed their support]."​