Kelly Clark on winning, but not winning gold: "Regardless of what the color is, I think knowing what when into each medal is how I weigh it."

Hannah Teter on winning, but not winning gold: "I'm just grateful to be healthy and happy and on the podium. Everyone's dream was to come out and get on the podium tonight."

Hannah Teter on how did you feel after that first run: "I felt good because I ate it on every practice run and hit my bum super hard. I had no idea what to expect for finals. I was just hoping to land a run."

Kelly Clark on what's next for her:
"I'm having fun snowboarding, learning new things and doing well. If those elements are a part of my snowboarding, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. This medal tonight means a ton to me having worked so hard to get here, so I'm just really thankful and looking forward to more years of snowboarding."

Hannah Teter on what the judges were looking for: "I watched the guys last night and kind of sort of got an idea of what the judges were looking for which was definitely amplitude and flawless style.  That’s what I went in today thinking about."

Kelly Clark on the moment she felt would make the podium: "When you land your last trick, you're usually pretty happy. There was a lot of great riders to drop after I finished my run. I was hoping it would be enough to put me on the podium. I didn't know what place it would be in. I was hoping it would be enough to hold out."