This morning Evan Lysacek (Naperville, Ill.) held a media availability to discuss Thursday night's gold-medal-winning men's figure skating performance. The following are highlights from the session

"It's hard to comprehend that it's not just another competition, that it really is the Olympic Games--that this is my moment, the moment I've been waiting for my whole life. I can't help but to think that it's destiny for any Olympic champion in any sport. I'm ecstatic that this is my destiny and I've lived it out almost in a perfect way."

On his thoughts before Thursday night's performance: "I wanted to have a great clean skate. I'd been looking for that clean skate all season. I've had little bobbles and errors in each event, and I was looking for that performance. So I did it. I don't think I could have done much more."

On Plushenko's emphasis on the quad: "It's funny that he, of all people, is making such a big deal of one single element. It is one difficult step in the program, but that's one step of hundreds. The fact that each and every step we take from the starting pose to the ending pose is accumulating points, I don't know why some people are so hung up on one particular element."

"Unlike him I wasn't plotting to come here and each step wasn't planned out to win this gold medal. It was about having a personal victory and having the performance of my lifetime in the most important moment. That was a huge success, and I guess the medal is a token of that. My goal and my plan was to skate the way that I skated and leave the rest to the judges."

On his preparation and readiness: "I knew it deep down inside, I never was so ready for any event in my entire life. An awareness of being at that 'peak' is also what gave me a lot of confidence."

On his coach, Frank Carroll: "I never let myself think about winning it for me, I tried to always block that out. But I let myself, a couple of times, think about winning it for him."

On potentially competing in Russia in 2014: "I don't think they would love to see me there to be quite honest. If I could somehow get a visa into that country. The World Championships definitely revitalized my love and my passion for what I do every day, and if that event did what it did for me, this has only done more. I love skating. I guess at this point I can't imagine my life without it. I can't see giving it up just yet."