Christian Niccum:

The Sics brothers seemed to have nailed the start on this course. We’ve adjusted our edges to get around that first corner. But we don’t worry about them or others. We’re racing against ourselves and the clock.


I’m really enjoying the Olympic Village experience. It’s the whole world under one roof. It’s unique. We fight for medals and shake hands doing it. As for the food, of all the menu items they have (at McDonald’s), I always get the double cheese."


Dan Joye:

Every day that goes by our starts get better. I have a good feeling about that part of the course. It’s crucial to get momentum going early in the run. We had no choice but to think of how we’re going to handle the start.


We have to handle and overcome what’s in front of us. They key is to be totally cool and relaxed and not think about winning or losing.


There is seven years difference between Christian and me. It’s a lot of fun with finding another brother.


Niccum and Joye finished 6th and 7th in the final two training runs.


Mark Grimmette:

We have made good adjustments and used the training here well. We are ready to race. The runs today went pretty well, but now we have time to kill so we’ll go over our equipment and make sure everything is in order.


Brian Martin:

We are resigned to the fact that this (lower start) is where we race from. We have a concept of what to do but now we gotta get the execution. Too much or too little steering won’t be good around curve one. It’s gotta be just right. We’ve had a problem of over-driving. That’s how we’ve skidded.


Grimmette and Martin placed second in both training runs today.