Daron Rahlves on if he had any regrets taking the course: "I never have regrets. I’m out there having fun. I still had fun today. The ultimate is just to love what you do and go out there and give it a shot. It’s not the way I wanted to end my ski cross career as far as the competition side of things."

Daron Rahlves on how he felt coming into the race: "I felt ready to roll. Today was the outcome I didn’t really expect. I thought I was going to be moving through to the finals. I felt great. I’ve been skiing hard and as of yesterday I had zero pain in the hip. I was still doing physical therapy every morning. To be back this way three weeks after dislocating my hip was a pretty outstanding recovery."


Casey Puckett on his road to these Games: "One month ago I was on the operating table. I’ve done everything I can to get healthy and get here to do a good performance. I don’t think I was ready. I was ready as I could be. My shoulder wasn’t that painful, but I just didn’t have the power to get out of the gate."


Casey Puckett on his slow start: "The start is really important and I wasn’t able to get out of the start really well. There’s a little bit of apprehension when I’m going down a course like that—huge air coming down from pretty high heights."


Casey Puckett on whether he could have done more to prepare: "There’s nothing else I could have done. I did everything I could. I’m proud I was able to make it here, and I laid it out there. There really wasn’t anywhere to make a pass on course. I was looking for it. The guys in front of me—I was looking for them to make a mistake. It just didn’t open the door. I just wasn’t feeling it."