COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program – an intensive coaching education program developed by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, the University of Delaware and the International Olympic Committee – concluded its U.S. modules this month. Now in its 12th year, the ICECP currently includes 39 national coaches representing five continents, 33 countries and 19 sports.  Seven of the coaches are undergoing the ICECP fall program online and will undergo their sport apprenticeships at the Centre d’Alt Rendiment (CAR) Training Center of Barcelona in January 2020.
The ICECP is conducted in partnership with Olympic Solidarity, an IOC program that provides financial assistance to National Olympic Committees around the world. Thus far, the ICECP has reached 364 participants from 37 sports and 118 countries over the 12-year history of the program. This year’s ICECP class incorporated seven U.S. coaches into the program resulting in a strengthened knowledge exchange among the U.S. and international coaches.
“Through the ICECP program in partnership with the IOC and the University of Delaware, we have been able to exchange a wealth of knowledge and valuable resources to continue to develop and elevate the quality of coaching on a global scale,” said USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland. “The USOPC is proud to take part in having a lasting impact on the Olympic Movement so that athletes worldwide are empowered to reach their goals at the elite competitive level.” 
The program – which includes four modules – consists of lectures, guest speakers, participant presentations, group work and field trips. Topics include coaching leadership principles, SafeSport training, nutrition, physiology, sport medicine, sports medicine injury management and prevention, psychology, biomechanics, training design/periodization, anti-doping, strength and conditioning, high performance planning, administration, and coaching methods.
The first module, which began on Aug. 15 and ran through mid-September 2019, was delivered virtually through a partnership with the University of Delaware. The online distance-learning module consisted of lectures and on-demand coach training through programming run by the University of Delaware and the USOPC. All online work was done “live” or “on-demand” through the virtual platform, in order that it could fit within any work, coaching or life situation around the world. 
“It has been a true honor to work with the USOPC and IOC Olympic Solidarity over the past 12 years,” said University of Delaware ICECP director Dr. Matthew J. Robinson, “This is an amazing group of coaches who have the potential to impact sport in their countries. We are also very excited about the continued success of the online platform that enables us to connect with more coaches.”
The second module was held at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 5 and consisted of a continuation of lectures and group-work activities on coaching leadership and practical application of coaching methodologies taught by USOPC sport performance and coaching experts. Additionally, candidates were required to do SafeSport training, Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Sport for Life and participated in the Flippen Group’s Coaching Greatness workshop where the coaches conducted a 360 self-analysis behavioral profile, to better prepare them for their personal and professional development.
The third module, which took place Oct. 5-12, featured a sport-specific apprenticeship that allowed participants to observe and interact with coaches from National Governing Bodies, university athletic teams or elite sport clubs in each of their respective sports. The apprenticeships took place at a total of 11 sites throughout the U.S., including Penn State University, Princeton University, University of Delaware, Arizona State University – at Pitchfork Aquatics Club and with USA Triathlon’s Project Podium, St. Joseph’s University, Lily Yip Table Tennis Club, Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center, International Surfing Association, Pinnacle Weightlifting Club, and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center.
The program will wrap up with the final module on May 1, 2020, in Lausanne, Switzerland. In the final module, participants will travel to the IOC headquarters from April 26 to May 1, 2020, to present the projects they completed over the course of the program to the ICECP academic board. The projects will focus on improving the sport and coaching infrastructure in their home countries.
The 2019 ICECP class includes following coaches by country: 
Aruba: Glennon Eights, Triathlon
Austria: Andreas Scheicher, Basketball
Bangladesh: Mohammed Alamgir Alam, Field Hockey
Bhutan (online): Namgay Dorji, Table Tennis
Brazil: Ricardo Barros, Cycling
Chinese Taipei: Wei-Min Hsu, Swimming
Colombia: Fredy Zambrano, Volleyball
Dominican Republic: Angelo Jose Gomez Almonte, Judo
El Salvador: Roberto Lopez, Rowing
Guatemala: Jaime Ozuna, Volleyball
India: Vikram Singh, Fencing
Indonesia (online): Yanuar Pribadi, Field Hockey
Jordan (online): Nadine Alsheikh Hassan, Taekwondo
Lithuania: Dominykas Spudvilas, Swimming
Macedonia: Biljana Kuzmanovska Nikolovska, Fencing
Maldives: Hassan Didi, Basketball
Namibia: Manuel S. Carballo, Basketball
Nigeria (online): Ado Garko Umar, Judo
Pakistan: Ghulam Farid, Wrestling 
Palestine (online): Mazen Alkhatib, Athletics
Panama: Cristine Kelso, Surfing
Papua New Guinea: Martha Lulu Aaron, Basketball
Rwanda: Murenzi Yves, Basketball
Serbia: Marko Jovanović, Wrestling
Sierra Leone (online): Edward Alvin Bangura, Wrestling
South Africa: Sipho Victor Vika, Table Tennis
Sri Lanka: Navindra Dayan Puwakdandawe Katuwana Gamage, Weightlifting
Suriname: Desire Eendragt, Swimming
Trinidad and Tobago: Pietra Gay, Basketball
Tuvalu (online): Alama Elisaia, Rugby
Uganda (online): Shilla Omuriwe Buyungo, Volleyball
United States: Andy Tirtohadi, Badminton
United States: Cara Heads Slaughter, Weightlifting
United States: David Brown, Weightlifting
United States: Sarah Hanavan, Sailing
United States: Clayton Worthington, Cycling
United States: Kurt Thomsen, Sailing
United States: Kyoko Ina, Figure Skating
A program of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, the University of Delaware and the International Olympic Committee, the International Coaching Enrichment Certification Program aims at empowering national level coaches with the knowledge and skills to grow as a coach and leader with the purpose to positively impact sport performance in their home countries. ICECP coaches develop proficiency in the areas of sport sciences, talent identification, athlete development, safe sport, coaching education, coaching management and grass-roots sport development. The intended outcome is for ICECP participants to return to their countries and serve as coaches within their respective sports, while becoming foundation builders for future coaches and athletes, all while spreading Olympic spirit. For more information, click here.