COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee today began accepting requests from U.S. media organizations for accreditation to the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. The application for the Olympic Games can be found here, while the application for the Paralympic Games can be found here

The deadline for Beijing accreditation application is Nov. 9, 2020, and please note that media wishing to attend both Games will need to fill out both forms.
The process is open to:

  • Daily or weekly newspapers
  • National news or sports magazines
  • Web-based organizations with staff members providing original content
  • Photographic media organizations with established magazine, newspaper and web-based clientele

All requesting organizations must be based in the United States and meet the guideline standards included on the registration site. Late requests will not be considered for the first allocation and will be placed on a waiting list for later consideration.

The USOPC receives a limited number of accreditations from the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee for allocation to U.S. media outlets. We expect to be able to notify requesting organizations with the status of their requests by early 2021.

All non-rights holding broadcasters will be accredited by the IOC and IPC. Additional information can be found at and

For additional questions, please email