The following joint statement is attributable to Han Xiao, chair of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Athletes’ Advisory Council, and Dick Fosbury, president of the U.S. Olympians & Paralympians Association:

The Athletes' Advisory Council (AAC) and the US Olympians and Paralympians Association (USOPA) are committed to continuing to work closely together to build the collective athlete voice in the USOPC governance structure.

We both read the USOPC By-Law proposal for the first time only after they were posted. USOPA and the AAC are discussing these now, especially with respect to the proffered process to provide additional athletes to the Board.

Both the AAC and the USOPA:
- s
upport the expansion of the eligible pool and number of athletes on the USOPC Board of Directors
want to ensure the Amateur Sports Act empowered AAC voice is not compromised
want to avoid even the perception of the AAC and the USOPA being in competition for the role of speaking for the athletes

The USOPC By-Law proposal's provision to increase athlete Board representation was recommended in the Borders Commission Report and should be applauded for its intent. The commission had considerable discussion and dialog on the merits of different processes with respect to adding athletes to the Board in formulating their recommendations and the concept of collaboration between the AAC and USOPA was a key component of its recommendation. While the USOPC By-Law proposal did not address the report's requirement of collaboration between the AAC with USOPA both generally and specifically in the selection of these additional athlete positions, we intend to work together to propose modifications to the proposal to include this key requirement.

The AAC and USOPA have started a joint and informed discussion together about the By-Law proposal with members of both bodies involved, including both leadership groups and members who served on Borders Commission.  Both AAC and USOPA leadership are currently  tackling this as our highest priority issue and will have a joint proposal in response to the posting and our proffered process as soon as possible, which will then be sent to the USOPC Board and shared with all stakeholders.

This message has been crafted, shared with, and approved by all involved in and working on the joint proposal to come.