The following statement is attributable to Han Xiao, chair of the United States Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Advisory Council:

“In light of recent statements made by various athletes and athlete groups about USOC governance and the board appointment process, the USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council would like to make clear that the statements made by others are not affiliated with the AAC. 

Although individual members of the AAC certainly have the right to voice their opinions publicly regarding issues they are passionate about, statements not coming directly from AAC leadership and approved by the Chair of the AAC are not indicative of official AAC positions. 

In addition, we would like to stress that the Committee to Restore Integrity, Olympians Rising, and other athlete groups are not affiliated with the AAC and thus far we have not officially endorsed or aligned ourselves with any statements those groups have made. 

The AAC recognizes that there are clear needs for change within our system, including significant structural reforms and cultural changes. We will continue to push for those changes using all available channels to us and will work with the USOC, the NGB Council, the Borders Commission, Congress and other stakeholders to do so.”