The USATT High Performance Committee met and agreed on a proposed change to the USATT’s 2020 Olympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures. In Section of the current procedures, if a Team quota spot is earned, and if there are remaining spots open after Section, then an athlete will be named to the team if they are in the top 25 of the ITTF World Ranking as of February 2020. USATT is amending this to automatically name the highest ranked male and female athlete on the ITTF World Ranking List as of February 2020.

There is no requirement that the athlete has to be in the top 25, and this will ensure an additional objective spot is provided to name an athlete to the team. USATT wants to acknowledge that discretionary criteria will only be utilized if no one meets the objective standards in (placing top 8 in the 2019 World Championships), and only in that scenario for one of the three spots on the team.

USATT is also proposing to amend the procedures in Section 1.3.8 to select the highest ranked athlete on the ITTF World Ranking List as of February 2020, but only in the event the player with the highest world ranking (February 2020 ITTF World Ranking General List) does not qualify through the ITTF Continental Singles Qualification Tournament.

Further, USATT is considering to make a few additional changes simply for clarity of the procedures.

The amendments are currently under review by the USOC. Please be advised that these proposed amendments are subject to change depending on the review.