April 6, 2015 (Colorado Springs, CO) – The Board of Directors of USA Table Tennis (USATT) announced today that Larry Hodges has been appointed to the position of “Regional Associations Coordinator.” Hodges, who was recently elected to serve on the board as an At Large Director, will oversee the development of regional and state associations for the organization. A long-time coach at Maryland Table Tennis Center and a member of the USATT Hall of Fame, Hodges will begin in his new role immediately. 

“I have long believed that a strong system of regional and state associations are necessary for the growth and development of the sport in the United States,” said Hodges. “With the sheer geographical size and diversity of our country, regional and state associations allow us to develop programming at a more local level. Central to this will be creating state championships, coaching programs and training centers, and regional team leagues.”

The USATT Board last week also amended its By-Laws to change the process under which members can be placed on the ballot as a candidate for the At Large Director position. Members seeking consideration for the At Large position can now be automatically placed on the ballot by collecting 150 signatures from members in good standing prior to December 1 of an election year.

“The Board believes this is an important change to our election procedures that will open access to the election process for all members,” commented USATT Board Chair Peter Scudner. “USATT is a membership based organization, and our members now have a more direct opportunity to be a part of the election process.”

Previously, a minimum of two candidates for the At Large Director position were selected by the Nominating and Governance Committee. Under the approved amendment, the NGC is still required to place a minimum of two candidates on the ballot. However, those who submit the requisite signatures will also be placed on the ballot.

USA Table Tennis is organized under the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis in the United States. As a  member service organization it promotes table tennis by creating opportunities for athletes and coaches of all backgrounds to participate in the sport through more than 250 clubs and over 350 tournaments across the nation annually. USA Table Tennis is a member of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), and is responsible for selecting and training teams for international competition including the Pan American and Olympic Games.