USATT, in partnership with the Happy Paradise Foundation, are happy to announce the recipients of the 2018 Pong 4 Kids grants. Each year the Happy Paradise Foundation has pledged up to an incredible $5000 per year in grants for tables, paddles, balls and other equipment to assist in execution of youth development programs. We are extremely grateful to the Happy Paradise Foundation for their support of this grant program. 

All applicants to the grant program received one gross of table tennis balls, while 4 successful grant applicants received the following: 

Broken Arrow Table Tennis Club (Oklahoma) - One table tennis table. 
American Youth Table Tennis Organization (Milwaukee) - One table tennis table.
San Gabriel Academy (California) - One table tennis table.
Saucedo Elementary School (Chicago) - Two table tennis tables and 40 paddles.

We congratulate all of the successful recipients and thank those who applied for the grant and are working hard to innovate and put resources into youth development programs across the country. We encourage everyone participating in such activities to keep an eye out for 2019 applications.

Here are some comments and pictures from successful candidates: 

"The students enjoy playing table tennis so we are excited to have another table and more opportunities for more students to play" San Gabriel Academy. 

"The National Youth Table Tennis Association (NYTTA) is very appreciative and grateful for the grant from the Pong4Kids program, and the support of the Happy Paradise Foundation, and USATT, said Linda Leaf, President of NYTTA. Milwaukee area school students want to play table tennis and compete on a school table tennis team. Equipment resources and manpower are always needed. Grants such as the Pong4Kids Grant Program can be used to "kick start" a school initiative," American Youth Table Tennis Organization.

"We are super excited to get this grant and add ping pong to the PE curriculum and in possible before and after school programs in future!" Saucedo Elementary School.