Over 100 events in more than 50 countries across the world are being held today, with one common theme - Table Tennis for Everyone, Everywhere!

"The response has been amazing! Being the first year, we were expecting between 20 and 40 events but there are currently more than 100 in around 50 countries!" stated ITTF Director - Development Program, Leandro OLVECH.

The showcase event will be staged at the "Obelisco", the most iconic monument in Argentina being located at the 9 de Julio Avenue, and considered the widest street in the world.

The street will be closed off, with a sea of tables being assembled for thousands of people to come and play table tennis, and celebrate World Table Tennis Day!

Major cities such as Amman, Berlin, Bombay, London, Manchester, New York, Paris, Tehran and Zurich are also hosting events, as is Suzhou, the city that will host the forthcoming QOROS 2015 World Table Tennis Championships.

Notably, New York will see training for teachers in order to coach their students; in Bombay, entrepreneurs will be involved in a special event, whilst in Manchester, a gathering to integrate immigrant families from the suburbs will be staged.

Likewise in Paris, Ping Sans Frontieres, an organisation that collects equipment to donate to African countries, with organise a coach education day.

Not to be left out, San Salvador, the capital of the small Central American country of El Salvador, will continue the principles of the Nittaku Dream Building Project in an attempt to involve young people in sport as opposed to being drawn into the gang culture.

Meanwhile, in Brighton on the south coast of England, an attempt will be madeto break the current global record of 139 players competing in a table tennis rally and thus gain a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

"The idea behind this day is to gather table tennis enthusiasts, attract people who usually don't play table tennis, promote the love for our sport and ideally engage new players to the practice in the long term" said ITTF President Thomas WEIKERT.

So pick up your rackets, find a table, and play table tennis to celebrate World Table Tennis Day!

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