During the 2019 US National Table Tennis Championships in Las Vegas, USATT held a special seminar for Club Owners and Tournament Directors. While a robust discussion developed about tournament management software, scheduling and organization, there was a special award waiting in the wings for a very special individual.

To conlude the seminar, USATT's Ethan Figge presented the 2018-2019 US National Tournament Director of the Year award to Brad Woodington. 

Brad, hailing from the Lakeland Table Tennis Club in Florida, has been an incredibly passionate supporter of table tennis. During last year's US Open and this year's Nationals he could be seen all over the place, helping at the registration desk, the VIP lounge or around the hall assisting with operational tasks. Brad performs these volunteer tasks with a smile on his face and enthusiasm in the bucket-loads. Brad loves table tennis, and it shows in everything he does. 

USATT congratulate Brad on his award and thank him dearly for his contributions to table tennis, commemorating his award with this statement:

“Brad Woodington has shown a commitment to the growth of table tennis as a sport. Acting as a lightning rod for the table tennis community in his area, he is often referred to as the mayor of Florida table tennis. He is constantly striving for better, more efficient, and enjoyable ways to run his tournaments for the players in his area. He also played an instrumental role in USATT’s strategic planning sessions serving as a pillar of excellence for the tournament directors and players communities alike.

Ethan Figge’s ponce de leon tour leading up to the 2018 US Open, Brad helped gather all the locals together in order to foster relations between USATT and our beloved players and club owners. Brad embodies what the sport of table tennis is about, having fun while building a community of players that love to compete in a fun, safe, and family friendly environment. After a lifetime of commitment to the sport, USATT is pleased to bestow the honor of the 2018-2019 Tournament Director of the year to our friend and colleague Brad Woodington.”

See below a special video showcasing some of the many clubs and USATT Sanctioned Tournaments across the country, along with the announcement of Brad's award.