2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships at a glance
When:             Oct. 3-6, podium training
                        Oct. 7-16, competition days
Where:            Tokyo, Japan, Metropolitan Gymnasium
Format:           Team championships, individual all-around and individual event champions. Qualification rounds determine advancement to the team, all-around, and apparatus finals.  The top eight teams compete in the team finals on Oct. 11 (women) and Oct. 12 (men). The top 24 individuals compete in the all-around final on Oct. 13 (women) and Oct. 14 (men). For individual events, the top eight on each apparatus from the qualification rounds advance to the finals (Oct. 15-16). A maximum of two gymnasts per country advances to the finals.
At stake:         2011 World champions and medalists will be determined for both men and women in the team, all-around and individual events. In addition to awarding World medals, the 2011 World Championships is the first of two opportunities to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games.  Countries finishing in the top eight in the team competition automatically qualify for the Olympic Games.  Teams that finish 9-16 in the rankings have the opportunity to qualify for the Games by finishing in the top four at the 2012 Olympic Test Event in London.
Schedule:       This schedule is based on published schedules; all times listed are local to Tokyo, which is 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time. * designates sessions that include U.S. gymnasts; is also in boldface.
                                Women’s podium training
                                Oct. 3 – 11:30 a.m., Subdivision 1; 1:15 p.m., Subdivision 2; 3:45 p.m., Subdivision 3; 5:30 p.m., Subdivision 4; 8 p.m., Subdivision 5
                                Oct. 4 – 11:30 a.m., Subdivision 6; 1:15 p.m., Subdivision 7*; 3:45 p.m., Subdivision 8; 5:30 p.m., Subdivision 9; 8 p.m., Subdivision 10
                                Men’s podium training
                                Oct. 5 – 11:15 a.m., Subdivision 1*; 2:15 p.m., Subdivision 2; 4:30 p.m., Subdivision 3; 8 p.m., Subdivision 4
                                Oct. 6 – 11:15 a.m., Subdivision 5; 2:15 p.m., Subdivision 6; 4:30 p.m., Subdivision 7; 8 p.m., Subdivision 8
                                Qualification rounds
                                Oct. 7, women
                                11:30 a.m., Subdivision 1:  Mexico, MG 1, MG 5, MG 2
                                1:15 p.m., Subdivision 2:  MG 13, Venezuela, Romania, MG 3
                                3:45 p.m., Subdivision 3:  MG 7, MG 6, Australia, MG 11
                                5:30 p.m., Subdivision 4:  MG 4, MG 10, Canada, Greece
                                8 p.m., Subdivision 5:  MG 12, MG 14, Uzbekistan, Netherlands
                                Oct. 8, women
                                11:30 a.m., Subdivision 6:  Korea, Slovenia, MG 8, China
                                1:15 p.m., Subdivision 7:  MG 9, Brazil, USA (start, BB), Germany*
                                3:45 p.m., Subdivision 8:  MG 15, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland
                                5:30 p.m., Subdivision 9:  Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy
                                8 p.m., Subdivision 10:  MG 16, Great Britain, Japan, France
                                Oct. 9, men
                                11:15 a.m., Subdivision 1:  USA (start, FX), Puerto Rico, Japan, Portugal, MG 14, MG 21*
                                2:15 p.m., Subdivision 2:  Ukraine, Switzerland, MG 23, MG 15, Romania, MG 16
                                4:30 p.m., Subdivision 3:  MG 5, MG 11, MG 2, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy
                                8 p.m., Subdivision 4:  MG 6, Germany, Uzbekistan, Hungary, MG 10, MG 7
                                Oct. 10, men
                                11:15 a.m., Subdivision 5: Spain, MG 20, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, MG 3, MG 13
                                2:15 p.m., Subdivision 6:  France, MG 17, MG 8, Colombia, MG 9, MG 18
                                4:30 p.m., Subdivision 7:  MG 19, MG 1, Canada, MG 24, Australia, Russia
                                8 p.m., Subdivision 8:  China, Korea, MG 4, Belarus, MG 22, MG 12
                                Team finals
                                Oct. 11, women, 7 p.m.
                                Oct. 12, men, 6 p.m.
                                All-around finals
                                Oct. 13, women, 6 p.m.
                                Oct. 14, men, 7 p.m.
                                Individual event finals
                                Oct. 15 (Men – FX, PH, SR; Women – VT, UB), 1:30 p.m.
                                Oct. 16 (Men – VT, PB, HB; Women, BB, FX), 2 p.m.
                                Abbreviations:  FX=floor exercise, PH=pommel horse, SR=still rings, VT=vault, UB=uneven bars, PB=parallel bars, HB=horizontal bar, BB=balance beam
U.S. Team:     The U.S. Men’s Team: Jake Dalton, Reno, Nev./University of Oklahoma; Jonathan Horton, Houston/Team Hilton HHonors (Cypress Academy); Steven Legendre, Port Jefferson, N.Y./Team Hilton Honors (University of Oklahoma); Danell Leyva, Homestead, Fla./Team Hilton HHonors (Universal Gymnastics); Alexander Naddour, Gilbert, Ariz./University of Oklahoma; John Orozco, Bronx, N.Y., U.S. Olympic Training Center; and alternate, Chris Brooks, Houston/Team Hilton HHonors (Cypress Academy)
                        The U.S. Women’s Team:  Gabrielle Douglas, Virginia Beach, Va./Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute; Anna Li, Aurora, Ill./Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC; McKayla Maroney, Laguna Niguel, Calif./All Olympia AOGC; Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass./Brestyan's American Gymnastics; Alicia Sacramone, Winchester, Mass./Brestyan's American Gymnastics; Sabrina Vega, Carmel, N.Y./Dynamic Gymnastics; and Jordyn Wieber, DeWitt, Mich./Gedderts' Twistars USA.  Non- traveling alternate: Shawn Johnson, West Des Moines, Iowa/Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute.
Availability:    The members of the U.S. Team will be available for interviews in the mixed zone following podium training and after they compete. 
Participants:  The field is expected to include 555 athletes from 83 countries (297 men, 258 women). 
Time zone    Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern time zone.  For example if it is midnight in New York City, it is 1 p.m. in Tokyo.
Past sites:      Recent hosts of World Championships are listed below:
                                   Year                    Location                                                Format
                                   1991                   Indianapolis, Ind.                                 Team, all-around, individual event
                                   1992                   Paris, France                                        Individual event finals
                                   1993                   Birmingham, Great Britain                 All-around, individual event
                                   1994                   Brisbane, Australia                              All-around, individual event
                                   1994                   Dortmund, Germany                           Team
                                   1995                   Sabae, Japan                                       Team, all-around, individual event
                                   1996                   San Juan, Puerto Rico                        individual event
                                   1997                   Lausanne, Switzerland                      Team, all-around, individual event
                                   1999                   Tianjin, China                                       Team, all-around, individual event
                                   2001                   Ghent, Belgium                                   Team, all-around, individual event
                                   2002                   Debrecen, Hungary                            individual event
                                   2003                   Anaheim, Calif.                                    Team, all-around, individual event
                                   2005                   Melbourne, Australia                          All-around, individual event finals
                                   2006                   Aarhus, Denmark                                Team, all-around, individual event
                                   2007                   Stuttgart, Germany                              Team, all-around, individual event
                                   2009                   London, England                                 All-around, individual event
                                   2010                   Rotterdam, Netherlands                     Team, all-around, individual event
Information:     Information on participating countries, the draw, results, etc., are available on the websites of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), fig-gymnastics.com, and organizing committee, http://www.2011tokyo.com.
Event info:       USA Gymnastics’ website, www.usagym.org, will have results, photos and other information on the U.S. Team’s efforts in Tokyo.  The web series, "USA Gymnastics:  Behind the Team," will also have expanded coverage from Tokyo at att.net/teamusa.
U.S. TV/
webcast:           Universal Sports will carry a live webcast ($19.99) and same-day cable TV coverage of the team, all-around and individual event finals from the World Championships. NBC Sports will broadcast coverage of the Worlds on Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. and Oct. 16 at 2 p.m.  See below for complete coverage schedule.
Contact info:    Leslie King will be onsite in Tokyo with the U.S. Team:  317-207-2991, texting only; 317-363-4574, cell; lking@usagym.org.  If calling or texting, please keep in mind the 13-hour time difference (from the Eastern time zone)!
FIG contact:     Philippe Silacci, FIG, +41-32-494-64-10, office phone; +41-32-494-64-19, office fax; psilacci@fig-gymnastics.org, email.
2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships
Webcast and TV schedule
NBC Sports, Universal Sports TV, UniversalSports.com
All times are Eastern; check local listings.
Tuesday, October 11
6 a.m.               Women’s team finals (LIVE)                                                    UniversalSports.com
Wednesday, October 12
5. a.m.              Men’s team finals (LIVE)                                                         UniversalSports.com
8 p.m.               Men’s team finals (Same-day delayed)                                    Universal Sports TV
Thursday, October 13
5 a.m.               Women’s all-around finals (LIVE)                                             UniversalSports.com
Friday, October 14
6 a.m.               Men’s all-around finals (LIVE)                                                  UniversalSports.com
8 p.m.               Men’s all-around finals (Same-day delayed)                             Universal Sports TV
Saturday, October 15
12:30 a.m.         Individual event finals (LIVE)                                                   UniversalSports.com
1 p.m.               Women’s team finals (taped)                                                   NBC Sports
8 p.m.               Individual event finals (Same-day delayed)                              Universal Sports TV
11 p.m.             Women’s team finals (NBC Sports encore)                              Universal Sports TV
Sunday, October 16
1 a.m.               Individual event finals (LIVE)                                                   UniversalSports.com
2 p.m.               Women’s all-around finals/men’s highlights (taped)                  NBC Sports
8 p.m.               Individual event finals (Same-day delayed)                              Universal Sports TV
11 p.m.             Women’s all-around finals (NBC Sports encore)                       Universal Sports TV
For television coverage, be sure to check local listings; to find Universal Sports TV in your area, go to universalsports.com and click on "Channel finder."