(Sept. 3, 2014) – The first 30 Stars-and-Stripes jerseys were decided on Sept. 3 at the 2014 Masters Road National Championships in Ogden, Utah, as the bison-inhabited Antelope Island played host to the time trials competition.
Antelope Island played host to the time trials competition on Sept. 3.
Antelope Island played host to the time trials competition on Sept. 3. (photo by Philip Beckman)

Dean Phillips (Wenham, Mass./Fit WERX) took gold in the men’s 35-39 time trial, crossing in 44:22.15 and leading Jamey Yanik (Boise, Idaho), who finished in 44:38.10, and Stephen Haroldsen (Salt Lake City, Utah/Ski Utah-Plan 7), who wrapped up third in 44:57.64. Hometown rider Erica Tingey (Salt Lake City, Utah) paced the field on the women’s side in 49:11.89, besting Kathleen Giles’ (Monterey, Calif./Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team) 50:25.85 finish and Jennifer Schumm’s (Greenwood Village, Colo./Groove Subaru Excel Sports) 51:45.67 mark.
"It was really special," Tingey said. "I wanted the Stars-and-Stripes really bad; I worked really hard for this. I haven’t really done too many TT’s before, honestly, but I knew I was ready for this one."
In the men’s 40-44 contest, Ian Stanford (Minneapolis, Minn./Revolution Cycle-Twin Six) climbed the podium with a top time of 44:11.21, followed by Scott Giles (Solomons, Calif./Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor) in 44:40.66 and David Bailey (Truckee, Calif./Truckee Bicycle Team) in 44:50.14. On the women’s side, Mindy Caruso (Albuquerque, N.M./Scalo Veloce) struck gold after posting a 50:55.95 result, topping silver-medalist Jenn Halladay (Kuna, Idaho/Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club), who crossed in 52:01.50, and Jennifer App (Bend, Ore./Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery), who collected bronze with a 52:32.87 mark.
Daniel Bryant (Carmichael, Calif./Folsom Bike-VW-Raley’s) posted the top time of the day on the 34km course while competing in the men’s 45-49 trial, pacing the field in 42:35.81, which was challenged by Christopher Phipps (San Francisco, Calif./ThirstyBear Cycling) in 44:14.91 and Marc DeAntoni (Lafayette, Colo./Pro Peloton Pinarello Racing Team) in 45:03.06.
"I was seeded second, so I knew I could beat Chris (Phipps), but I’ve also been beaten badly by Chris over the years," Bryant said. "When I turned around (at the halfway point), I knew I had put about 30 or 40 seconds into him. At that point I just felt that I had to concentrate, hold my position and save something for that last climb."
Anne Valta’s (Santa Clara, Calif./iRT/Reactor p/b JL Velo) 50:48.99 result was the best on the women’s side of the age division, while Alexandra Robinette (Park City, Utah/787 Racing) climbed the second step of the podium in 53:24.67 and Booka Smith (Dillon, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) took third in 55:03.93.
With a time of 44:43.49, Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga./Century Road Club Association) took the men’s 50-54 Stars-and-Stripes jersey and was joined in the top three by silver medalist Jeffrey Hartmann (Boulder, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics), who finished in 45:18.17, and Michael Williams (Fort Collins, Colo./Team Rio Grande), who crossed in 45:38.23. Ann Lantz (Centennial, Colo./COBRAS) reached the top step of the women’s 50-54 podium with her 53:18.45 mark, while Trish Heisdorffer (Westminster, Colo./Sports Garage Cycling) finished second in 53:18.51 and Annie Carrino (Portola Valley, Calif./Sisterhood of Cycling) placed third in 53:56.77.
Gary Painter (Ft. Wayne, Ind./Ft. Wayne Outfitters) defended his 2013 crown by winning the men’s 55-59 trial with a 47:12.35 clip, but not before being challenged by Mark Zimbelman’s (Provo, Utah/VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS) 47:32.84 result. Robert Napieralski (Springville, Calif. /Sacramento Golden Wheelmen) took third in 48:04.93. Barbara Sullivan (Carlsbad, Calif.) edged the 55-59 women’s field by just over 10 seconds when she finished in 30:48.59, followed by Ruth Clemence (Newport Beach, Calif./Sisterhood of Cycling) in 30:58.63 and Rochelle Schleicher (Merriam, Kan./Free State Racing) in 32:01.95.
In the men’s 60-64 contest, David Zimbelman (The Dalles, Ore.) bested his competitors by more than 10 seconds, posting a division-best time of 47:15.61, while Wayne Watson (Denver, Colo./Natural Grocers Cycling Team) finished in 48:04.85 and Scott Sifferman (Mt. Vernon, Mo./Springfield Brewing Company) crossed in 49:27.55. On the women’s side, Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif./Sisterhood of Cycling) took the win in 32:21.18, Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, N.J./Somerset Wheelmen) finished in 33:07.56 and Mary Ellen Allen (San Mateo, Calif./ Sisterhood of Cycling) assembled a 33:19.73 effort.
Josef Lemire (San Francisco, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) recorded the day’s best time on the 20km course, wrapping up the gold medal in 28:01.65. Ken Louder’s (Salt Lake City, Utah/Velosport Racing) 28:49.80 mark earned silver, while 2013 gold medalist Ed Chamberlain (Grand Junction, Colo./Livetrainrace.com) took third in 29:58.03.
"I was totally focused for the last month on this race," said Lemire. "After years of doing this, I’ve kind of figured out how to mentally prepare myself to go pretty deep. I’m still feeling kind of bad, though. I pushed hard."
Kathleen Pratt (Happy Valley, Ore./Fred Meyer Cycling Team) assembled an impressive 34:12.53 mark to take the women’s 65-69 win, while Martha Iverson  (Durango, Colo./K4 Racing) claimed silver in 36:07.88 and Kay Tsui (Arlington, Va./HPC) picked up bronze in 36:13.40.
David Burnett (Norwich, Conn./Zanes Cycles Racing Team) willed his way to the men’s 70-74 victory, earning a time of 30:30.80, pacing a top three that was decided by less than 26 seconds. Michael Phelps (Angels Camp, Calif./VOS Racing) clinched silver in 30:38.15 and S. Durward Higgins (Chattanooga, Tenn./Scenic City Velo) secured bronze in 30:56.15. In the women’s 70-74 division, it was Melinda Berge (Tucson, Ariz./Summit Velo) who captured gold in 40:01.25, followed by Dee Samuels (Nevada City, Calif./SHO-AIR-SERT) in 41:24.19 and Julianna Kimball (Phoenix, Ariz./Team Winded Development) in 43:42.89.
Tandem time trials closed out the first day of competition.
Tandem time trials closed out the first day of competition. (photo by Philip Beckman)

Scott Tucker (Golden, Colo./Schwab Cycles Racing Team) dominated the men’s 75-79 division, crossing the finish more than four minutes, 36 seconds ahead of the rest in 31:40.40. John Swyers (Ketchum, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) won silver in 36:17.25 and Joseph Black (St. Louis, Mo./Off the Front Racing) obtained bronze in 36:20.98. Patty Puz (Sun Valley, Idaho/Durance-Colnago) won the women’s 75+ division in 45:05.34.
Walter Axthelm (Durango, Colo./Durango Wheel Club), who won three titles at the 2013 Masters Road National Championships, added another Stars-and-Stripes jersey to his collection with a top time of 35:52.12 in the men’s 80-84 trial. Richard Reynolds (Tempe, Ariz./Summit Velo) crossed in 37:57.16 to claim second, followed by Fred Schmid (Waco, Texas/Bicycles Outback Racing) in 38:01.53.
The tandem competitors took the course in the 84-degree afternoon heat soon after 1 p.m. and performed well in the dry conditions. Tandem trials kicked off with the 70+ contests, where Utah natives Jared Kirby (Farmington, Utah/Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team) and Dan Kadrmas (North Salt Lake, Utah/Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team) took the top men’s time of 48:25.58, which bested the duo of Travis Wilkerson (Aliso Viejo, Calif./Audi-Felt Cycling Team) and Kenneth Rogers (Cerritos, Calif./SOS Foundation-Trek), who finished in 50:36.34. In mixed 70+ tandem Kristie James (Philadelphia, Pa./QCW Cycling) and Meurig James (Philadelphia, Pa./QCW Cycling) set the bar at 46:22.35, which could not be overcome by silver medalists Danielle Ruane (Bow, N.H./Sunapee Racing Team) and Patrick Ruane (Bow, N.H./Sunapee Racing Team), who crossed in 48:41.69, or bronze medalists Angela Wimberly (San Diego, Calif./Velo Club LaGrange) and James Wimberly (San Diego, Calif./Sun Coast Velo), who finished in 50:35.34.
Todd Parks (Palm Springs, Calif./Team Hammer Nutrition) and Benny Parks (Rancho Mirage, Calif./Jessup Auto Plaza p/b P.S. Cyclery) climbed the top step of the men’s 90+ tandem podium with a 45:24.01 clip, leading Gary Wall (Long Beach, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) and David Prechtls’ (Garden Grove, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) 48:28.08 finish and Jesus Lamb (Tucson, Ariz./GST Racing) and Paul Thomas’ (Tucson, Ariz./Core Cycling Team) 48:48.60 effort. On the women’s side, it was Jacquelyn Hoagland-Lockwood (Chandler, Ariz./Curbside Cyclery Racing Team) and Linda Hurley (Phoenix, Ariz.) who took gold in 54:53.92, while Helene Carabin (Nichols Hills, Okla./Tulsa Wheelmen) and Gil Summy (Nichols Hills, Okla./Oklahoma City Velo Club) claimed the top mixed 90+ tandem time of 47:07.82, followed by Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore.) and John Slawta (Talent, Ore.) in 49:23.06, and Kim Wik (Fremont, Calif./Pacific Crush Racing) and Dave Maminski (Campbell, Calif./Morgan Stanley Cycling Team) in 49:56.48.
In the men’s 110+ tandem trial, John Elgart (Sacramento, Calif./Alto Velo Racing Club) and Jan Elsbach (Davis, Calif./VOS Racing) led the way in 48:14.21, which topped the 58:30.08 time set by Raymond Middleton (Estes Park, Colo./Hammer Racing Team-TVG LTD) and Gregory Hoffman (Doylestown, Pa./EBS Racing Club). Karen Christoffersen (Sandy, Utah/Ski Utah-Plan 7) and Beverly Ronnow (Salt Lake City, Utah/Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team) assembled a 55:56.94 trial, outdoing Sherry Berde-Townsend (Mendota Heights, Minn./NorthStar Development) and Cynthia Brown (Loveland, Colo./Team Rio Grande), who finished in 57:16.00, for the women’s 110+ tandem title. The first Ogden-based winners of the week picked up gold medals, as Kelly Crawford (Ogden, Utah/Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team) and Zan Treasure (Ogden, Utah/Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team) climbed the mixed 110+ tandem podium outside of Union Station in their hometown with a 47:58.25 mark, followed by Elizabeth Reid (Palo Alto, Calif.) and Russell Reid (Palo Alto, Calif.) in 50:02.52 and Martha Stedman (Tucson, Ariz./Southwest Hand Cycling Team) and David Beirne (Tucson, Ariz.) in 53:59.45.
Three open tandem championships were decided to end the day, as Scott Raymond (Cypress, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) and Frank Schroeder (Claremont, Calif./BBI-SIC Cycling) picked up the men’s open tandem win in 45:20.03, pacing Bill Dahl (Corrales, N.M./Sport Systems Mountaintop Cycling) and John Prices’ (Albuquerque, N.M./Nob Hill Velo) 47:29.40 result, and Ian Gueit (Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) and Jason Johns’ (Laguna Hills, Calif./Radsport Cycling Team) 48:42.25 effort. Louisa Larson (Glendale, Ariz./Team Winded Development) and Catherine Dickson (Glendale, Ariz./Team Winded Development) took the women’s open tandem crown in 54:20.86, while Irina Axelrod-Angres (Reno, Nev.) and Rich Staley (Reno, Nev.) earned the mixed open tandem win in 51:24.71. Shellie Matthews (Seattle, Wash./Union Bay Cycling-Bikesale.com) and David Matthews (Seattle, Wash./Union Bay Cycling-Bikesale.com) placed second in 53:14.72, and Anne Donley (Boulder, Colo.) and Gregory Berlind (Denver, Colo./Boulder Orthopedics) finished third in 54:00.78.
Action continues on Thursday at 8 a.m. with the first day of road races at the Snowbasin Resort as all 65-85+ men’s, 45-75+ women’s and all tandem divisions take to the pavement.
For complete details on this event, including a complete schedule, results, course maps and a photo gallery, please visit the event web site. If you can’t make it out for the event, follow all of the action on Twitter using the hashtag #RoadNats.
2014 USA Cycling Masters Road National Championships
Ogden, Utah

Sept. 3-7, 2014

Men 35-39

1.  Dean Phillips (Wenham, Mass.)   Fit WERX   44:22.2 
2.  Jamey Yanik (Boise, Idaho)      44:38.1 
3.  Stephen Haroldsen (Salt Lake City, Utah)   Ski Utah|Plan 7   44:57.6 
4.  Meurig James (Philadelphia, Pa.)   QCW Cycling   45:53.1 
5.  Jeromy Cottell (Redwood City, Calif.)   Team Specialized Racing   45:56.5 

Men 65-69

1.  Josef Lemire (San Francisco, Calif.)   Team Hammer Nutrition   28:01.65 
2.  Ken Louder (Salt Lake City, Utah)   Velosport Racing   28:49.80 
3.  Ed Chamberlin (Grand Junction, Colo.)   Livetrainrace.com   29:58.03 
4.  Scott Hennessy (Salinas, Calif.)      30:40.62 
5.  Gary Simmons (Layton, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   31:05.66 

Men 70-74

1.  David Burnett (Norwich, Comm.)   Zanes Cycles Racing Team   30:30.8 
2.  Michael Phelps (Angels Camp, Calif.)   VOS Racing   30:38.2 
3.  S Durward Higgins (Chattanooga, Tenn.)   Scenic City Velo   30:56.2 
4.  Jim Fox (Aptos, Calif.)   Team Hammer Nutrition   31:00.5 
5.  Stan Swallow (American Fork, Utah)      32:36.0 

Men 75-79

1.  Scott Tucker (Golden, Colo.)   Schwab Cycles Racing Team   31:40.40 
2.  John Swyers (Ketchum, Idaho)   Durance-Colnago   36:17.25 
3.  Joseph Black (Alpine, Utah)   Off the Front Racing   36:20.98 
4.  Leon Sowers (San Diego, Calif.)   San Diego Cyclo Vets   36:31.33 
5.  Alan Stockland (Ogden, Utah)      36:47.20 

Men 40-44

1.  Ian Stanford (Minneapolis, Minn.)   Revolution Cycle/Twin Six   44:11.21 
2.  Scott Giles (Solomons, Calif.)   Bayside Velo/Bike Doctor   44:40.66 
3.  David Bailey (Truckee, Calif.)   Truckee Bicycle Team   44:50.14 
4.  Matthew Gates (Lyons, Colo.)   Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Cycling Team   45:19.32 
5.  Jason Boynton (Yuba City, Calif.)   Folsom Bike/VW/Raley's   45:25.63 

Women 55-59

1.  Barbara Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga.)   Lupus Racing Team   30:48.59 
2.  Ruth Clemence (Newport Beach, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   30:58.63 
3.  Rochelle Schleicher (Merriam, Kan.)   Free State Racing   32:01.95 
4.  Shirley Crocker (Madison, Wis.)   Brazen Dropouts   32:02.94 
5.  Beverly Ronnow (Salt Lakecity, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   33:15.46 

Women 60-64

1.  Laura Lindgren (Long Beach, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   32:21.18 
2.  Elizabeth Tyrell (Annandale, N.J.)   Somerset Wheelmen   33:07.56 
3.  Mary Ellen Allen (San Mateo, Calif.)   Sisterhood of Cycling   33:19.73 
4.  Valeria Fugali (Lake Forest, Ill.)      33:28.90 
5.  Sheila Walsh (Seattle, Wash.)   Jet City Velo   33:37.29 

Women 65-69

1.  Kathleen Pratt (Happy Valley, Ore.)   Fred Meyer Cycling Team   34:12.53 
2.  Martha Iverson (Durango, Colo.)   K4 Racing   36:07.88 
3.  Kay Tsui (Arlington, Va.)   HPC   36:13.40 
4.  Sharon Scofield (Sonoita, Ariz.)   Team Rhino   39:50.36 
5.  Elizabeth Hitch (DRAPER)      40:33.74 

Women 75+

1.  Patty Puz (Sun Valley, Idaho)   Durance-Colnago   45:05.34 

Women 70-74

1.  Melinda Berge (Tucson, Ariz.)   Summit Velo   40:01.25 
2.  Dee Samuels (NEVADA CITY CA)   SHO-AIR/SERT   41:24.19 
3.  Julianna Kimball (Phoenix, Ariz.)   Team Winded Development   43:42.89 

Men 45-49

1.  Daniel Bryant (Carmichael, Calif.)   Folsom Bike/VW/Raley's   42:35.81 
2.  Christopher Phipps (San Francisco, Calif.)   ThirstyBear Cycling   44:14.91 
3.  Marc Deantoni (Lafayette, Colo.)   Pro Peloton Pinarello Racing Team   45:03.06 
4.  Craig Roemer (Petaluma, Calif.)   Team Specialized Racing   45:49.06 
5.  Albert Senft (Albuquerque, N.M.)   Sustainable Endurance Coaching   46:18.86 

Men 80-84

1.  Walter Axthelm (Durango, Colo.)   Durango Wheel Club   35:52.12 
2.  Richard Reynolds (Tempe, Ariz.)   Summit Velo   37:57.16 
3.  Frederic Schmid (Waco, Texas)   Bicycles Outback Racing   38:01.53 
4.  David Ellefson (Banner Elk, N.C.)   360 Racing   38:09.85 
5.  Ken Green (Calistoga, Calif.)   Stanford University   47:36.03 

Women 50-54

1.  Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga.)   Century Road Club Assoc   44:43.49 
1.  Ann Lantz (Centennial, Colo.)   COBRAS   53:18.45 
2.  Jeffrey Hartmann (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   45:18.17 
2.  Trish Heisdorffer (Westminster, Colo.)   Sports Garage Cycling   53:18.51 
3.  Michael Williams (Fort Collins, Colo.)   Team Rio Grande   45:38.23 

Men 60-64

1.  David Zimbelman (Provo, Utah)   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS   47:15.61 
2.  Wayne Watson (Denver, Colo.)   Natural Grocers Cycling Team   48:04.85 
3.  Scott Sifferman (Mt Vernon, Mo.)   Springfield Brewing Company   49:27.55 
4.  Philip Holman (Tucson, Ariz.)   02 Modern Fitness   49:54.82 
5.  Jerry Rome (Denver, Colo.)   Local Velo   50:07.13 

Women 45-49

1.  Anne Valta (SANTA CLARA)   iRT-Reactor p/b JL Velo   50:48.99 
2.  Alexandra Robinette (Park City, Utah)   787 Racing   53:24.67 
3.  Booka Smith (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   55:03.93 
4.  Kimberly Nuffer (Denver, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   55:46.16 
5.  Heidi Mellin (Bow Mar, Colo.)   ColoBikeLaw.com   56:05.50 

Women 40-44

1.  Mindy Caruso (Albuquerque, N.M.)   Scalo Veloce   50:55.95 
2.  Jenn Halladay (Kuna, Idaho)   Bobs Bicycles Cycling Club   52:01.50 
3.  Jennifer App (Bend, Ore.)   Cloud Racing p/b Ride2Recovery   52:32.87 
4.  Christy Orris (BOULDER)   Boulder Orthopedics   52:33.25 
5.  Jennifer Girard (Mammoth Lakes, Calif.)   Eastside Velo   54:46.53 

Women 35-39

1.  Erica Tingey (Salt Lake City, Utah)      49:11.89 
2.  Kathleen Giles (Solomons, Calif.)   Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team   50:25.85 
3.  Jennifer Schumm (DENVER CO)   Groove Subaru Excel Sports   51:45.67 
4.  Megan Hill (Saratoga Springs, Utah)   K4 Racing   52:23.67 
5.  Rebecca Marsh (Lakeland, Fla.)      52:43.80 

Men 55-59

1.  Gary Painter (Ft Wayne, Ind.)   Ft. Wayne Outfitters   47:12.35 
2.  Mark Zimbelman (Provo, Utah)   VOLO Cycling p/b RMSS   47:32.84 
3.  Robert Napieralski (Springville, Calif.)   Sacramento Golden Wheelmen   48:04.93 
4.  James Dickerson (Fort Collins, Colo.)   Great Divide Brewing Company   48:04.99 
5.  Alan Roberts (San Rafael, Calif.)   ThirstyBear Cycling   48:51.80 

Men 50-54

1.  Brendan Sullivan (Atlanta, Ga.)   Century Road Club Assoc   44:43.49 
2.  Jeffrey Hartmann (Boulder, Colo.)   Boulder Orthopedics   45:18.17 
3.  Michael Williams (Fort Collins, Colo.)   Team Rio Grande   45:38.23 
4.  Robert Garwood (Harrisonburg, Va.)   Celerity Cycling   45:55.18 
5.  Louie Amelburu (Las Vegas, Nev.)   Microseal Racing Team   46:03.15 

Women open

1.  Karen Christoffersen (Sandy, Utah)   Ski Utah|Plan 7   55:56.94 
1.  Beverly Ronnow (Salt Lakecity, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   55:56.94 
2.  Sherry Berde Townsend (Mendota Heights, Minn.)   NorthStar Development   57:16.00 
2.  Cynthia Brown (Loveland, Colo.)   Team Rio Grande   57:16.00 

Women 110+

1.  Karen Christoffersen (Sandy, Utah)   Ski Utah|Plan 7   55:56.94 
1.  Beverly Ronnow (Salt Lakecity, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   55:56.94 
2.  Sherry Berde Townsend (Mendota Heights, Minn.)   NorthStar Development   57:16.00 
2.  Cynthia Brown (Loveland, Colo.)   Team Rio Grande   57:16.00 

Mixed 70+

1.  Kristie James (Philadelphia, Pa.)   QCW Cycling   46:22.35 
1.  Meurig James (Philadelphia, Pa.)   QCW Cycling   46:22.35 
2.  Danielle Ruane (Bow, N.H.)   Sunapee Racing Team   48:41.69 
2.  Patrick Ruane (Bow, N.H.)   Sunapee Racing Team   48:41.69 
3.  James Wimberly (San Diego, Calif.)   Sun Coast Velo   50:35.34 

Mixed 90+

1.  Helene Carabin (Nichols Hills, Okla.)   Tulsa Wheelmen   47:07.82 
1.  Gil Summy (Nichols Hills, Okla.)   Oklahoma City Velo Club   47:07.82 
2.  Jennifer Slawta (Talent, Ore.)      49:23.06 
2.  John Slawta (Talent, Ore.)      49:23.06 
3.  Kim Wik (Fremont, Calif.)   Pacific Crush Racing   49:56.48 

Men 70+

1.  Jared Kirby (Farmington, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   48:25.58 
1.  Dan Kadrmas (North Salt Lake, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   48:25.58 
2.  Travis Wilkerson (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)   Audi/Felt Cycling Team   50:36.34 
2.  Kenneth Rogers (Cerritos, Calif.)   SOS Foundation/ Trek   50:36.34 
996.  Jason Johns (Laguna Hills, Calif.)   Radsport Cycling Team   DNS 

Men 90+

1.  Todd Parks (Palm Springs, Calif.)   Team Hammer Nutrition   45:24.01 
1.  Benny Parks (Rancho Mirage, Calif.)   Jessup Auto Plaza p/b P.S. Cyclery   45:24.01 
2.  Gary Wall (Long Beach, Calif.)   Radsport Cycling Team   48:28.08 
2.  David Prechtl (Garden Grove, Calif.)   Radsport Cycling Team   48:28.08 
3.  Paul Thomas (Tucson, Ariz.)   Core Cycling Team   48:48.60 

Men 110+

1.  John Elgart (Sacramento, Calif.)   Alto Velo Racing Club   48:14.21 
1.  Jan Elsbach (Davis, Calif.)   VOS Racing   48:14.21 
2.  Raymond Middleton (Estes Park, Colo.)   Hammer Racing Team- TVG LTD.   58:30.08 
2.  Gregory Hoffman (Doylestown, Pa.)   EBS Racing Club   58:30.08 

Mixed 110+

1.  Kelly Crawford (Ogden, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   47:58.25 
1.  Zan Treasure (Ogden, Utah)   Bountiful Mazda Cycling Team   47:58.25 
2.  Elizabeth Reid (Palo Alto, Calif.)      50:02.52 
2.  Russell Reid (Palo Alto, Calif.)      50:02.52 
3.  Martha Stedman (Tucson, Ariz.)   Southwest Hand Cycling Team   53:59.45 

Women 90+

1.  Jacquelyn Hoagland Lockwood (Chandler, Ariz.)   Curbside Cyclery Racing Team   54:53.92 
1.  Linda Hurley (Phoenix, Ariz.)      54:53.92 

Men Open

1.  Irina Axelrod Angres (Reno, Nev.)      51:24.7 
1.  Rich Staley (RENO)      51:24.7 
1.  Irina Axelrod Angres (Reno, Nev.)      51:24.7 
1.  Scott Raymond (Cypress, Calif.)   BBI-SIC Cycling   45:20.0 
1.  Frank Schroeder (Claremont, Calif.)   BBI-SIC Cycling   45:20.0 

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