Dec. 22, 2011
USA Curling Sport Education inks three-year partnership for sport education content
(STEVENS POINT, Wis.) - USA Curling's Sport Education program, led by Scott Higgins, has signed a three-year partnership with Immersion Media for educational content for the USA Curling community.
Currently, Immersion and USA Curling are partnering on The Five Elements of Curling Technique, along with Curling Academy Rodger Schmidt GmbH of Switzerland. Schmidt, a three-time Olympic and multi-time European and World Championship coach, played a key role in the preparation of Team USA for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and has an extensive  resume of coaching many teams at international events, as well as providing curling instruction, team training camps, and coach mentoring through his curling academy.
The Five Elements of Curling Technique will be listed and available for sale on Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Amazon. In addition, it will be listed in Bowkers Books in Print. The manual also will be provided in electronic publications (iPad, Nook, Sony, etc.) and a MOBI (Kindle) formats after Jan. 1. It is designed to promote education in the sport of curling across the association's membership.
"As curling continues to grow across the United States, there is a vital need for sport education and development materials for participants at all levels," said Rick Patzke, chief operating officer of USA Curling. "This is an area where USA Curling can definitely make an impact nationally and provide a resource that has benefits for all members. The Five Elements of Curling Technique manual is the first in what is expected to be a growing library of resources developed by USA Curling in conjunction with many contributing coaches and athletes, and the professional services provided by Immersion Media."
The first in a series, The Five Elements of Curling Technique is designed to bring world-class curling knowledge and expertise to the curling community by providing a simple format to improve curling techniques. These techniques are being used to prepare world and Olympic level curlers, and can also benefit  curlers at the novice and intermediate levels.
"The Five Elements manual from USA Curling Sport Education is the most comprehensive technical manual on the curling delivery ever put together," said 2010 Olympian John Benton (St. Michael, Minn.). "There is no longer 'one way' to throw a curling stone. The truth is that there have been, and always will be, many ways to slide the granite down the sheet. But Coach Roger Schmidt figured out that the best curlers, regardless of their delivery type, all had the same five principles or 'elements' in common. This manual explains those elements and helps us to understand how to teach and apply them in any situation with any curler. Breaking down the delivery process in this way is a groundbreaking method, which allows for differing ages, genders, and body types to have more immediate success delivering the curling stone. Not to mention that it gives coaches and instructors a common language and method for teaching a delivery to anyone who wants to learn. Whether just starting out or a seasoned veteran of 'The Roaring Game,' I highly recommend that you get a copy of this manual and put it to use."
The Five Elements brand name addresses the five core components that are identified as necessary for world-class curling success, which aligns with USA Curling's Athlete Performance and Developmental Models, identified by USA Curling coaches and athletes. As a result, resources are being built around these five elements for the community, the first of which meets the technical area. The manual will be part of a technical certification program, which the association will roll out in 2012. A second series of educational resources, built around shot- making and tactics, are slated for production and will be available in Fall 2012.
"To have a publication of this magnitude is a big step in USA Curling education. I am pleased we were able to produce a comprehensive resource on the curling delivery for the curling community with our Olympic Coaches and Olympians in partnership with Immersion Media," said Scott Higgins, USA Curling's director of sport education. "In finding a partner to produce our educational content we desired a firm that had a proven track record of success and would work to develop a high-quality resource with the right look and feel for our membership."
Immersion Media's long list of clients includes USA Football, Major League Baseball, iHoops, and many more. In addition to the manual creation, the company's work with USA Curling so far has included 3D instructional training and the development of the Sport Education logo, sport education video trailer the program's tagline, and composite standards. To learn more about Immersion Media, visit
"USA Curling has high standards in the development of its coaching and sport education resources," said Rick Perko, president of Immersion Media. "We are pleased we performed to and exceeded their expectations. We have a true partnership in every sense of the word."
To order a copy of The Five Elements of Curling Technique or to preview snippets from the manual, click here or visit and look for promos for it. USA Curling members will be able to purchase the manual at a special introductory cost of $24.95 (50 percent off retail) until March 1, 2012. After March 1, the price will be $34.95 for USA Curling members and USA Curling Fan Club members (30 percent off retail price) and $49.95 for non-members. A portion from all sales will be contributed to the Chris Moore Legacy Fund.
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