(COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.) – The National Golden Gloves Championships showcased a full night of action-packed amateur boxing competition on Wednesday night as 80 boxers earned berths in the quarterfinal round at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Competitors in all 10 weight classes took the ring in an evening session which featured numerous upsets and close contests. 2009 Junior Olympic National Champion Daquan Arnett (Orlando, Fla.) staked his claim on a talent laden middleweight division, defeating the nation’s top ranked middleweight Luis Arias (Milwaukee, Wis.) in their second round showdown. Yet Arias wasn’t the only former middleweight national champion to fall on Wednesday night. 2009 USA Boxing National Champion Terrell Gausha (Cleveland, Ohio) dropped his second round contest to Paul Littleton (Chicago, Ill.) in their showdown.

Former Golden Gloves champion and new American citizen Erick DeLeon (Lincoln Park, Mich.) pulled out a victory over 2011 Pan Am Box-offs champion Toka Kahn-Clary (Providence, R.I.) in their lightweight contest to move on to quarterfinal round competition. In welterweight action, Texas’ Cesar Villa (Corpus Christi, Texas) upset defending champion David Grayton (Washington DC) to advance to Thursday’s quarterfinals. 

The surprises continued into the light heavyweight division as former National Golden Gloves champion and 2008 Olympic Training Partner Siju Shabazz (Las Cruces, N.M.) lost his second round bout to Armando Pina III (Chicago, Ill.) in Wednesday’s competition. 

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials super heavyweight champion Michael Hunter (Las Vegas, Nev.) made sure he didn’t fall victim to the night’s trend in his first national tournament at his new heavyweight division. For the second straight time at the 2011 National Golden Gloves, Hunter put an early end to his night with a third round stoppage over Terry Carter (Niagara Falls, N.Y.) to advance to the quarterfinal round.  

2011 National Golden Gloves quarterfinal round competition will take place tonight at the Indiana Convention Center with all of the victors advancing to semifinal round action on Friday. 

Wednesday’s Preliminary Results
108 lbs: Oscar Mojica, Texas dec. Stephen Fulton Jr, Pennsylvania
108 lbs: Jeremy Morales, Washington DC dec. Eddie Dean, Michigan
108 lbs: Santos Vasquez, Nevada dec. Carlos Suarez, Toledo
108 lbs: Kalen Sumler, Knoxville dec. Cody Stone, Indiana
108 lbs: David Carlton, Cincinnati dec. Moses Aguilar, Chicago
108 lbs: Ricky Lacefield, Omaha dec. Adam Rangel, Rocky Mountain
108 lbs: Norberto Torres, Florida dec. Thomas Yang, Upper Midwest
108 lbs: Leroy Davila, New Jersey stopped Oscar Atanacio, New England, RSC-3
114 lbs: Hector Colon, Florida dec. Phillip Acuna, Iowa
114 lbs: Oscar Vasquez, Nevada dec.  Abel Soriano, Omaha
114 lbs: Gabriel Montoya, Rocky Mtn dec. Kevin Harper, Upper Midwest
114 lbs: Louie Byrd, Colorado, N Mexico dec. Maurice Adams Jr., Washington DC
114 lbs: Shawn Simpson, Chicago dec. Carlos Santos, Wisconsin
114 lbs: Juan Roman, New York Metro dec. Emmanuel Folly, Pennsylvania
114 lbs: Adam Lopez, Texas dec. Keenan Evans, Mid-South
114 lbs: Stephon Young, St. Louis stopped Rondarrius Hunter, Knoxville, RSC-3
123 lbs: Antonio Nieves, Cleveland dec. Trayon Smith, Toledo
123 lbs: Gary A Russell, Washington DC dec. Tyshawn Jones, New Jersey
123 lbs: Kiun Evans, Mid-South stopped Justin Christian, Indiana, RSC-2
123 lbs: Zachriah Shamoun, Detroit dec. Jerrell Barbour, Nevada
123 lbs: Dennis Galarza, Florida dec. Ricky Rodriguez, Colorado, New Mexico
123 lbs: Edwin Sandoval, California dec. Aaron Hollis, Cincinnati
123 lbs: Tramaine Williams, New England dec. Kendo Castaneda, Texas
123 lbs: Demetrius Johnson, St. Louis dec. Jaime Estrada, New York Metro
132 lbs: Louis Cruz, New York Metro dec. Anthony Donald, Omaha
132 lbs: Damon Allen, Wisconsin dec. Albert Bell, Toledo
132 lbs: Erick DeLeon, Detroit dec. Toka Kahn Clary, New England
132 lbs: William Flenoy, Cleveland dec. Lavisas Williams, Buffalo
132 lbs: Kenneth Sims Jr, Chicago dec. Christopher Lopez, Florida
132 lbs: Edgar Javalera, Kansas City dec. Brandon Douglas, Kansas-Oklahoma
132 lbs: Adam Castillo, Texas dec. Tyrome Jones, Indiana
132 lbs: Kevin Rivers Jr, Washington DC dec. Anthony Burgin, Pennsylvania
141 lbs: Cristino Ceballo, New York Metro dec. Kevin Cruz, Iowa
141 lbs: Amir Imam, Buffalo dec. Samuel Teah, Pennsylvania
141 lbs: Robert Easter Jr, Toledo dec. Jose Guadarrama, Kansas, Oklahoma
141 lbs: Javonn Barnes, Michigan dec. Thomas Hill, Wisconsin
141 lbs: George Rincon, Texas dec. Zachariah Ramsey, New England
141 lbs: Ed Brown, Chicago dec. Thomas Mattice, Cleveland
141 lbs: Michael Reed, Washington DC dec. Preston Freeman, St. Louis
141 lbs: Manuel Lopez, Colorado, N Mexico dec. Andre Keys, Nevada
152 lbs: Anthony Gangemi, New Jersey dec. Terrence York, Knoxville
152 lbs: Clayton Pitts, California dec. Cruse Stewart, Iowa
152 lbs: Christopher Galeano, N Y Metro dec. Sardan Lukic, Buffalo
152 lbs: Alex Martin, Chicago won on walkover over Raul Chavarria, Omaha, W/O
152 lbs: Tony Harrison, Detroit dec. Miguel Cruz, Florida
152 lbs: Cesar Vila, Texas dec. David Grayton, Washington DC
152 lbs: Arturo Trujillo, Pennsylvania dec. Tony Losey, Kansas, Oklahoma
152 lbs: Chris Gilbert, New England dec. Darnell Parker, Wisconsin
165 lbs: Martez Jackson, Knoxville dec. Ivey Nixon IV, Kansas-Oklahoma
165 lbs: Paul Littleton, Chicago dec. Terrell Gausha, Cleveland
165 lbs: Antoine Douglas, Washington DC dec. Lawrence King, Buffalo
165 lbs: Peter Reyes, New York Metro dec. Dale Davis, Cincinnati
165 lbs: Jesse Hart, Pennsylvania dec. Anthony Campbell, Mid-South
165 lbs: Marcus Chapman, Indiana dec. Daniel Mattoon, Rocky Mountain
165 lbs: Daquan Arnett, Florida dec. Luis Arias, Wisconsin
165 lbs: Leandre White, Detroit dec. Kenton Sippio Cook, Texas
178 lbs: Julius Butler, St. Louis dec. DeVaun Lee, New York Metro
178 lbs: Caleb Plant, Knoxville dec. Sean Daniels, New Jersey
178 lbs: Malcolm Jones, Indiana dec. Ryan Forbes, Cleveland
178 lbs: Armando Pina III, Chicago dec. Siju Shabazz, Colorado, New Mexico
178 lbs: Craig Duncan, Florida  stopped Sean Bettencourt, New England, RSC-2
178 lbs: Anthony Barnes, Detroit  stopped Eddie Chavez, Kansas-Oklahoma, RSC-3
178 lbs: Jerry Odom, Washington DC stopped Ryan Riley, Mid-South, RSC-3
178 lbs: Corey Richards, Texas dec. Manny Contreras, Upper Midwest
201 lbs: Michael Hunter, Colorado-New Mexico  stopped Terry Carter, Buffalo, RSC-3
201 lbs: Josh Himes, Pennsylvania dec.  Bryan Daniels, New England
201 lbs: James Shorter, Indiana  won on retirement over Angelo Buchanan, Wisconsin, RET
201 lbs: Jake Sahlaney, Detroit  stopped Jalen Williams, Mid-South, RSC-3
201 lbs: Jordan Shimmell, Michigan dec. Jonathan Thrasher, Knoxville
201 lbs: Paul Parker, Toledo dec. Joseph Williams, New York Metro
201 lbs: Robert Jekabson, Chicago dec. Charles Saunders, Iowa
201 lbs: Vardan Khachatrian, California dec.  Juan Hollingsworth, Kansas-Oklahoma
201+ lbs: Brian Houston, Omaha dec. Lucas Downs, Tri-State
201+ lbs: Donavan Dennis, Iowa dec. Hasim Rahman, Wisconsin
201+ lbs: Lenory Thompson, Kansas City dec. Josiah McCormick, Texas
201+ lbs: Michael Lowery, New Jersey dec. Jerrell Reeves, Washington DC
201+ lbs: Jonathan Hamm, Upper Midwest dec. Elijah Thomas, New York Metro
201+ lbs: Trevor Bryan, Jr., Buffalo dec. Jonathan Guidy, Mid-South
201+ lbs: Edward Latimore, Pennsylvania dec. Cameron Glenn, Michigan
201+ lbs: Juan Ramos Jr, Colo.-New Mexico dec. Juan Goode, Detroit