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Greubel and Cunningham sweep bobsled selection races

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (Oct. 24, 2012)- Jamie Greubel (Newtown, Pa.) and Nick Cunningham (Monterey, Calif.) added another win to their sliding resumes tonight.  Greubel again teamed with Aja Evans (Chicago, Ill.) to lead the women’s bobsled race, while Cunningham and his crew of Adam Clark (Owenton, Ky.), Andreas Drbal (Belmont, Calif.) and Johnny Quinn (McKinney, Texas) won the four-man bobsled competition with a convincing lead.


"We are super excited," Greubel said.  "I can’t believe that this happened again, but we’re really grateful and I have a great teammate…We had an awesome two nights of racing.  We definitely have a few kinks to work out for the World Cup, but we’re excited the World Cup starts here, so hopefully we can keep this momentum going into the next few weeks."


Greubel and Evans pushed identical start times of 5.47 seconds to lead the competition from start to finish.  Evans has only been on ice for six days and broke the start record with Greubel in last week’s race.  While the pair wasn’t able to match their record tonight, Evans is excited to continue her development in the sport.


"I’m so competitive that I’m trying to figure out what else I can do better each time," Evans said.  "It’s exciting now.  At first it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, here we go again,’ but now I’m excited every run."


Greubel navigated the sled to the finish with a two-run combined time of 1:55.94 to nab the win by just 0.05 seconds.


Jazmine Fenlator (Wayne, N.J.) and rookie Cherrelle Garrett (Hayward, Calif.) posted a total time of 1:55.99 for second place.  Katelyn Kelly (Buffalo, N.Y.) and Tracey Stewart (Richmond, Calif.) finished third with a two-run total of 1:59.49. 


Elana Meyers (Douglasville, Ga.) was granted a bye onto the team for her World Championship bronze medal performance last season and was a forerunner in tonight’s race with women’s 4x100-meter relay Olympic gold medalist Tianna Madison (Elyria, Ohio).  Bree Schaaf (Bremerton, Wash.) opted not to compete in favor of continuing her rehabilitation program following hip surgery last spring.


"I spent the last season and a half unable to compete as my best self, and the harder you push your body that’s injured, the more it rejects you and results suffer," Schaaf said.  "Surgery was the first step in competing to my best potential again, but it is a long process and I have a little ways yet to go.  I’m working every day towards stepping on the ice and realizing the potential of my body and mind at 100-percent."


Cunningham piloted his four-man bobsled to the finish in 1:51.34 to lead the competition by an impressive 0.37 seconds. 


"Wow," Cunningham said.  "It’s good to finally put everything together.  This is just a stepping-stone to the next step.  This is fun, it’s good to have numbers, but when all the big boys get here for World Cup is when we have to start racing.  We’re excited."


"These guys really stepped it up," Cunningham said.  "This was only the sixth run ever for Andreas, but he stepped in when we needed him and I think all of us gel well.  Tonight was really awesome."


Drbal joined team Cunningham after a teammate was injured last week.  Cunningham, Clark, Drbal and Quinn posted start times of 5.06 and 5.05 seconds.


Cory Butner (Yucaipa, Calif.), Chuck Berkeley (Walnut Creek, Calif.), Laszlo Vandracsek (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Chris Fogt (Alpine, Utah) clocked a two-run total of 1:51.71 for second place.  The crew clocked push times of 5.01 and 5.02 for the fastest starts of the competition.


Junior driver Codie Bascue (Whitehall, N.Y.) teamed with Nic Taylor (Hayward, Calif.), Jesse Beckom (Chicago, Ill.) and Sam Michener (Gresham, Oregon) to finish third with a combined time of 1:52.17.


Steven Holcomb (Park City, Utah), Steve Langton (Melrose, Mass.), Justin Olsen (San Antonio, Texas) and Curt Tomasevicz (Shelby, Neb.) were back on the ice with the Night Train tonight.  The crew earned a bye after winning the 2012 World Championship title and foreran tonight’s race.


"I like being back in the Night Train," Holcomb said.  "It’s kind of where I like to be.  The track is in great shape and they did a great job getting it ready.  We dropped two seconds from practice yesterday, so they’ve been able to maintain the track in this warmer weather.  It’s given us a great look at what the season is going to be like.  My guys are taking it a little bit easy…but it’s nice to still know we’re fast."


The selection committee is meeting now to determine the national team.  The 2012-2013 team will be announced tomorrow morning.


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Women’s results:

1. Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans 1:55.94 (57.56, 58.38); 2. Jazmine Fenlator and Cherrelle Garrett 1:55.99 (57.67, 58.32); 3. Katelyn Kelly and Tracey Stewart 1:59.49 (59.68, 59.81); 4. Megan Hill and Maureen Ajoka 1:59.50 (59.26, 1:00.24);


Men’s results:

1. Cunningham, Clark, Drbal and Quinn 1:51.34 (55.61, 55.73); 2. Butner, Berkeley, Vandracsek and Fogt 1:51.71 (55.75, 55.96); 3. Bascue, Beckom, Michener and Taylor 1:52.17 (55.95, 56.22); 4. Peterson, Weber, Cremin and Lightsey 1:53.48 (56.63, 56.85); 5. Berghorn, Dollens, Baker and Blandford 1:54.14 (57.00, 57.14); 6. Noller, Langton, Adams and Ives (56.19, DNF);


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