NGB Communications Contacts

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Olympic Summer 

NGB Name Title Phone Email
USA Archery Sarah Boyd Communications Specialist 201-919-8050
USA Artistic Swimming  Alyssa Jacobs Communications Coordinator*  719-866-2033 
USA Badminton Emine Yucel Communications Specialist*
USA Baseball Emily Fedewa Assistant Director, Media Relations 919-474-8721 x255
USA Baseball Brad Young Senior Director, Media Relations 919-474-8721 x212
USA Basketball Jenny Johnston Assistant Director, Communications (3x3) 719-590-4800
USA Basketball Craig Miller Chief Media/Communications Officer (Men) 719-339-6593
USA Basketball Caroline Williams  Senior Director, Communications (Women) 719-590-4800 
USA Boxing Brian Taylor Manager, Communications and Digital Media 719-866-2322
American Canoe Assoc. Aaron Mann Communications Coordinator 301-325-9504
USA Climbing Kelly Feilke VP, Marketing and Communications
USA Climbing Zachary Brinchi Manager, Marketing and Communications 303-499-0715
USA Cycling Bouker Pool Chief Commercial Officer   917-520-7411
USA Cycling Tom Mahoney Manager, Marketing Operations 719-434-4216
USA Cycling Angelina Palermo Specialist, Marketing Content 719-434-4298
Cycling – USA BMX Katie Moses Swope  Communications Lead   
USA Diving Kelly Fox Director, Marketing and Communications
U.S. Equestrian Kathleen Landwehr Specialist, Sports Communications 859-225-6937
U.S. Equestrian Ashley Swift Specialist, Marketing and Communications 859-225-6954
U.S. Equestrian Carly Weilminster Director, Communications and Public Relations 859-225-2053
USA Fencing Kristen Henneman  Coordinator, Communications 719-219-8359
USA Fencing  Nicole Jomantas   Director, Communications 719-866-4548
USA Field Hockey  Nick Salen Senior Coordinator, Communications 719-866-4362
USA Field Hockey  Teryn Brill Galloway  Senior Manager, Communications   719-866-4374 
USA Golf/PGA Tour Joel Schuchmann Vice President, Communications 904-280-4707
USA Golf/PGA Tour Preston McClellan Director, Player Content  901-351-7322
USA Golf/LPGA Tour Brian Carroll Senior Vice President, Media Distribution
USA Golf/LPGA Tour  Christina Lance Director of Tour Media   908-963-1691 
USA Gymnastics Carol Fabrizio Chief Marketing and Communications Officer 317-829-5656
USA Gymnastics Meredith Yeoman Manager, Communications 463-221-4649
USA Judo Cecil Bleiker Communications Specialist* 719-330-2062
USA Karate Elizabeth Sottile Manager, Member Services 719-477-6925
USA Pentathlon John Amabile Communications Specialist 732-804-8232
USRowing  Brett Johnson Senior Director, Programs and Communications 609-751-0707
USRowing Maeve Berry  Communications Coordinator 609-786-9027
USA Rugby  Calder Cahill  Vice President, Marketing and Communications 720-508-8007
USA Rugby  Aalina Tabani Senior Communications Manager, High Performance 720-508-8017
U.S. Sailing  Jake Fish Manager, Communications 401-342-7925
U.S. Sailing  Allison Chenard Communications Coordinator 401-342-7900
USA Shooting   Kate Gest Assistant Manager, PR & Communications 757-681-0563
USA Skateboarding Katie Moses Swope Communications Lead
U.S. Soccer  Neil Buethe  Director, Communications  312-528-1270
U.S. Soccer   Aaron Heifetz Press Officer, Women's National Team 312-630-2287
U.S. Soccer   Michael Kammarman Press Officer, Men's National Team 312-528-1246
U.S. Soccer   Chris Kennedy Youth National Team Press Officer 312-528-1292
USA Softball  Katie Willis  Manager, Communications  405-425-3425
USA Softball  Morgan Palmer Communications Coordinator
USA Surfing Becky Fleischauer Communications Specialist* 302-588-0671
USA Swimming   Belle McLemore Senior Director, Communications 719-866-3588
USA Table Tennis  Chad Knasinski
Marketing & Communications Director 719-866-4583 ex. 6
USA Table Tennis Sean O'Neill High Performance Director
USA Taekwondo  Bill Kellick Communications Specialist* 719-354-6580
USA Taekwondo Jose Villalpando Marketing and Communications Manager
USA Team Handball  Melissa Zhang Communications Manager* 508-768-5649
U.S. Tennis Tom LaDue Director of Communications 914-697-2352
U.S. Tennis Brendan McIntyre Senior Director, Corporate Communications 914-696-7077
U.S. Tennis Chris Widmaier Managing Director, Corporate Communications 914-696-7284
U.S. Tennis Pat Mitsch Sr. Coordinator, Corporate Communications 914-697-2291
USA Track & Field  Sarah Hollis Chief Marketing Officer 317-713-4654
USA Track & Field Josh Gurnick Coordinator, Media and Communications 317-713-4690
USA Track & Field  Susan Hazzard  Director, Public Relations 317-713-4664
USA Track & Field   Ashley Mitchell Manager, Marketing and Communications 317-713-4672
USA Triathlon  Caryn Maconi Manager, Communications  719-955-2828
USA Volleyball   B.J. Evans  Manager, Communications - Men & Women Indoor/Beach/Sitting 719-228-6855
USA Volleyball   Kassidi Gilgenast Chief Marketing Officer 719-228-6800
USA Water Polo   Greg Mescall  Director, Communications   714-500-5455
USA Weightlifting  Kevin Farley  Dir, Membership, Communications and Digital Marketing  719-866-3043
USA Weightlifting  Kelsey Kennedy Manager, Marketing & Content  719-866-2291
USA Wrestling  Gary Abbott  Director, Communications and Special Projects  719-598-8181
USA Wrestling Taylor Miller  Coordinator, Communications   719-598-8181 x642
USA Wrestling Mike Willis Coordinator, Communications   267-671-2962
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Olympic Winter

NGB Name Title Phone Email
U.S. Biathlon Bill Kellick Communications Specialist* 719-354-6580
USA Bobsled & Skeleton Amanda Bird Director, Marketing and Communications 518-354-2250
USA Curling  Jenna Martin  Manager, Social and Digital Media  (608) 931-9334 
U.S. Figure Skating Marissa Pederson Coordinator, Communications 719-228-3453
U.S. Figure Skating   Barbara Reichert  Senior Director, External Relations  719-228-3466 
U.S. Figure Skating   Michael Terry  Director, Communications  719-228-3437 
USA Hockey  Dave Fischer  Senior Director, Communications 719-538-1171
USA Luge  Sandy Caligiore  Communications Specialist*  518-523-2071 x112 
U.S. Ski & Snowboard Tom Horrocks Manager, Communications (Cross-Country Skiing) 802-760-8985
U.S. Ski & Snowboard  Lara Carlton Manager, Communications (Freestyle Skiing) 435-647-2038
U.S. Ski & Snowboard   Andrew Gauthier  Manager, Marketing Communications (Freeskiing, Snowboarding)  508-309-2893
U.S. Ski & Snowboard   Megan Harrod  Manager, Communications (Alpine Skiing)  435-714-9393 
US Speedskating  Andrea DiCristoforo Coordinator, Marketing  801-417-5370
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Pan American

NGB Name Title Phone Email
U.S. Bowling Congress Terry Bingham Communications Director 817-385-8379
USA Racquetball Renée Isherwood Director of Operations and National Teams 719-645-4945
USA Roller Sports Eric Steele Executive Director 402-483-7551 x22
US Squash Chris McClintick Sr. Communications Manager and Web Content Strategist 212-268-4090 x5894
USA Water Ski Scott Atkinson Director, Communications 863-874-5682
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NGB/HPMO Name Title Phone Email
Lakeshore Foundation (Wheelchair Rugby) Mary Allison Cook Coordinator, Communications 205-313-7464
Lakeshore Foundation (Wheelchair Rugby) Katherine Miles Communications Specialist 205-313-7479
Lakeshore Foundation (Wheelchair Rugby) Jen Remick Allred Director, Communications and Membership 205-313-7417
Lakeshore Foundation (Wheelchair Rugby) Damian Veazey  Associate Director, Communications 205-313-7428
Logan University (Powerlifting)  Kelley Humphries   Executive Director of Paralympic Operations  636-230-1736 
National Wheelchair Basketball Association Brandon McBeain Director, Membership Services & Programs 719-266-4082 x108
U.S. Association of Blind Athletes (Goalball)  Bill Kellick Manager, Marketing and Public Relations 719-866-3222
USA Boccia James Thomson President 631-388-6164
U.S. Para-Equestrian Association Lindsay McCall Manager, Public Relations
U.S. Paralympics Alpine Skiing Annemarie Blanco Manager, Sport Communications  719-866-3479
U.S. Paralympics Cycling Annemarie Blanco Manager, Sport Communications  719-866-3479
U.S. Paralympics Nordic Skiing Annemarie Blanco Manager, Sport Communications  719-866-3479
U.S. Paralympics Snowboarding Annemarie Blanco Manager, Sport Communications  719-866-3479
U.S. Paralympics Swimming Annemarie Blanco Manager, Sport Communications   719-866-3479
U.S. Paralympics Track & Field  Annemarie Blanco Manager, Sport Communications  719-866-3479

*Part of the Team USA Communications Support Program, a USOPC grant program to help provide select National Governing Bodies with communication and PR support.

The following summer NGBs also manage Paralympic sport: USA Archery, USA Badminton, American Canoe Association, U.S. Equestrian, USA Fencing, USA Judo, USRowing, USA Shooting, USA Table Tennis, USA Taekwondo, U.S. Tennis, USA Triathlon and USA Volleyball.

The following winter NGBs also manage Paralympic sport: USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation, USA Curling and USA Hockey.

The USOPC manages the following Paralympic sports: alpine skiing, cycling, Nordic skiing (cross-country skiing and biathlon), snowboarding, swimming, and track and field.