Judo Preview
The Parapan American Games Lima 2019 will see some of the top U.S. judokas compete for the medal stand in a competition slated for Aug. 24-25 in Lima, Peru. The U.S. judo team returns to the Parapan American Games after a strong showing at the 2015 Parapan Games, which saw Team USA bring home one silver and three bronze medals from Toronto.

The judo roster consists of 11 members. Comprising the men’s team will be Ronald Hawthorne (-60 kg.), Robert Kim (-60 kg.), Anthony Ferraro (-73 kg.), Nathan Ostergaard (-81 kg.), Ricky Ties (-90 kg. ), Benjamin Goodrich (-100 kg.) and Robert Anderson (+100 kg.). On the women’s side, Liana Mutia (-57 kg.), Cynthia Simon (-63 kg.), Christella Garcia (-70 kg.) and Katie Davis (+70 kg.) will take to the mat.

Paralympic judo follows the same rules as Olympic judo, with the difference that judokas shall start and remain during the combat holding each other’s suits. Only athletes with visual impairments are eligible to compete, with all the sight classes (B1, B2 and B3) competing together and divided according to the judokas’ weight. Combats last five minutes for men and four minutes for women. The aim is to either gain more points than the rival by skillful attacks or score the “ippon” by throwing the opponent with their back on the ground, immobilizing them or forcing a submission.