Member Nations

The Pan American Sports Organization governs the Pan American Games and is comprised of 41-member nations, an association driven by the common goal to develop sport and promote the Olympic Movement across the Americas. In order to become a member of Panam Sports, a country of the Americas must have a National Olympic Committee recognized by the International Olympic Committee.


ANT  Antigua and Barbuda      GUA Guatemala
ARG Argentina   GUY Guyana
ARU Aruba   HAI Haiti
BAH Bahamas   HON Honduras
BAR Barbados   JAM Jamaica
BIZ Belize
  MEX Mexico
BER Bermuda   NCA Nicaragua
BOL Bolivia   PAN Panama
BRA Brazil   PAR Paraguay
IVB British Virgin Islands   PER Peru
CAN Canada
  PUR Puerto Rico
CAY Cayman Islands   SKN Saint Kitts and Nevis
CHI Chile   LCA Saint Lucia 
COL Colombia   VIN Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  
CSC Costa Rica   SUR Suriname
CUB Cuba   TRI Trinidad and Tobago
DMA Dominica   USA United States of America
DOM Dominican Republic   ISV United States Virgin Islands
ECU Ecuador   URU Uruguay
ESA El Salvador   VEN Venezuela
GRN Grenada