About YOGs

The Youth Olympic Games are an elite sporting event for athletes ages 15-18 and are held every four years, just like the Olympic Games. The first summer edition was held in Singapore in 2010, followed by the first winter edition in Innsbruck in 2012. The second summer edition was held in Nanjing in 2014, followed by the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016 and the Summer Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.  The third winter edition will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2020. 

The Summer Youth Olympic Games feature nearly 4,000 athletes in a program of 32 sports and last 13 days, while the Winter Youth Olympic Games include more than 1,800 athletes competing in 16 sport disciplines over 14 days.

In addition to competition, the Youth Olympic Games integrate a Learn & Share Program based around five pillars: Olympism, social responsibility, skills development, expression and well-being.


Year Host City Season Nations Events Sports Athletes Male/Female
2010 Singapore Summer 204 201 26  3,522 1,846/1,676 
2012 Innsbruck Winter 69 63 7 1,022 556/466
2014 Nanjing Summer 203 222 28 3,759 1,908/1,851
2016 Lillehammer Winter 71 70 7 1,067 567/500
2018 Buenos Aires Summer 206 241 32 3,998 1,999/1,999
2020 Lausanne Winter 73 81 8 1,880 940/940

Team USA Makeup

Year Host City Season Athletes Male Female
2010 Singapore  Summer 82 32 50
2012  Innsbruck Winter  57 37 20
2014 Nanjing  Summer 94 48 46
2016 Lillehammer Winter 62 42  20
2018 Buenos Aires Summer 87 47 40
2020 Lausanne Winter      

YOG Ambassadors

Youth Olympic Games Ambassadors are high-profile international athletes engaging with and raising awareness regarding the Youth Olympic Games. The following American athletes have participated, serving athletes from all nations.

Year Location Name Sport
2010 Singapore, Singapore Michael Phelps Swimming 
2012  Innsbruck, Austria Lindsey Vonn Alpine Skiing
2014 Nanjing, China Michelle Wie Golf 
2016 Lillehammer, Norway Lindsey Vonn  Alpine Skiing

Athlete Role Models

Athlete Role Models are designated by the International Olympic Committee to serve as mentors to the Youth Olympians in the Youth Olympic Village and during “Chat with Champions” sessions – a Q&A format to promote discussion with the young athletes. The ARMs also lead a series of educational activities and workshops within the IOC’s Learn & Share Program that focus on skills and professional development, Olympism and how to lead healthy lifestyles. The following American athletes have participated, serving athletes from all nations. More information on the American ARMs for 2020 is available here. 

Year Location Name Sport
2014 Nanjing, China Erin Cafaro  Rowing
2014 Nanjing, China Miles Chamley-Watson Fencing
2014 Nanjing, China Kendrick Farris Weightlifting
2014 Nanjing, China Khatuna Lorig Archery
2014 Nanjing, China Dwight Phillips Track & Field
2016 Lillehammer, Norway Hannah Kearney Freestyle Skiing 
2016 Lillehammer, Norway Ross Powers Snowboarding
2016 Lillehammer, Norway Molly Schaus Ice Hockey
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Clarissa Chun Wrestling
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Daryl Homer Fencing
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Josh Levin  Climbing 
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Danelle Leyva Artistic Gymnastics
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Moy Rivas Sport Dancing
2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Morghan King Weightlifting 
2020 Lausanne, Switzerland Jamie Grubel Poser Bobsled
2020 Lausanne, Switzerland Tara Geraghty-Moats Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping
2020 Lausanne, Switzerland  Hannah Kearney Freestyle Skiing