Starting a Regional Training Site

USA Wrestling, in conjunction with its state associations offers training opportunities for all USA Wrestling members, through a growing system of Regional Training Sites.

The purpose of the RTS system is to provide young wrestlers available locations to actively train in the sport of wrestling year round. Very often, wrestlers have the desire to deepen their commitment to attain higher goals. However, many wrestlers cannot find an active club or quality workout partners. The RTS system aims to help these aspiring wrestlers.

To attend a practice at a Regional Training Site, a wrestler must be a member athlete of USA Wrestling and meet at least one of the qualification criteria in the Regional Training Site contract. If unsure whether or not you qualify for such practice, please contact the Regional Training Site.

Wrestlers and coaches that attend RTS practices will learn more about the sport of wrestling as they continue to improve their abilities. Across the country more and more Regional Training Sites will be recognized by USA Wrestling. Kids and coaches will now have more opportunity to train then ever before.

For more information on the Regional Training Site System contact USA Wrestling at or call (719) 598-8181.

  • Regional Training Site Criteria
  • Regional Training Site Application