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ASC (Auburn Ski Club) is seeking candidates to fill the position of Head Biathlon and XC Coach at the ASC training center on Donner Summit in California. The XC and Biathlon program has 100+ athletes ranging from development teams through masters athletes, regional High School teams, and national/international competition. ASC has a dedicated training/competition venue for cross country and biathlon at ASC.  Successful candidates must demonstrate a passion for inspiring and growing athletes at all levels. Resumes and questions can be submitted to Gus Johnson,

Anschutz Left Handed Rifle - FOR SALE

Sale information:
It was purchased in 2010 and saw 2 summer seasons of light use (no winter competition) and has been well taken care of since then (stored in a dehumidified room and cleaned regularly) but not used actively. Interested in selling it for around $3,900. There are also several rolls of targets, a custom target stand, and ammunition/cleaning supplies that can be included in this package.
Rifle details:

Caliber: .22lr

System: Fortner 'Straight Pull' Action Left Handed

Weight: 8.16 lbs

Barrel Length: 21.6" Barrel

Magazine Capacity: 5

Stock Style: Biathlon Comfort Stock


Contact information: (More Pictures up REQUEST)

They can reach out to George Voigt or Robin Rice ).

Anscutz LH Rifle