Mental Health


Sport Psychologists 
The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee offers Team USA athletes access to sport psychologists, who work with athletes and coaches to develop mental skills to perform at their best on the world stage. Sport psychologists are assigned to work with athletes and coaches within specific sports, and all are licensed professionals who are certified to provide mental skills training, address mental health concerns and offer referrals as needed. In addition to personalized consultations, USOPC sport psychologists travel with teams to international competitions to support them on the road. Additionally, the staff offers group meetings that emphasize developing mindfulness skills, team building and improving performance outcomes and problem-solving skills under pressure.

The Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center features a training space dedicated to Psychophysiology to help athletes create awareness of mental and physical responses and teach them how to train and enhance self-regulation skills. Training is personalized to each athlete and tailors to specific sport demands.

Athletes are encouraged to contact their sport’s high-performance director to learn more and verify eligibility. 

Sport Psychology Registry
Athletes also have access to more than 150 mental health providers via the USOPC’s sport psychology registry. Providers are available nationwide and screened by the USOPC for education and credentials in sport psychology. Athletes do not have to be eligible for Elite Athlete Health Insurance to take advantage of this benefit. 

Providers typically charge for services and it is the athlete’s responsibility to discuss costs directly with the medical provider. Providers may offer pro bono hours to athletes on a case-by-case basis as determined by the athlete’s National Governing Body. 

For more information, or to connect with a service provider, contact Karen Cogan, USOPC Sr. sports psychologist at (  

The USOPC also offers eligible athletes access to confidential counseling year-round via ComPsych. Through this program, athletes who are identified as eligible to receive Elite Athlete Health Insurance have access to unlimited phone counseling with a licensed professional and up to six in-person counseling sessions with a local provider at no cost. This service is also available to dependents for qualified athletes. For more information, call 1-800-428-2716 or visit