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Elite Athlete Health Insurance

Designated Team USA athletes are eligible to receive health insurance through the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Elite Athlete Health Insurance Program (EAHI). EAHI is administered by UMR, a United Healthcare company, and is a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan with a network of medical service providers contracted with UMR.

For more information about EAHI, contact the USOPC EAHI team at


How do athletes qualify for EAHI? 
The USOPC grants National Governing Bodies and U.S. Paralympics EAHI allocations, which are then distributed to athletes based on criteria established by the NGB and approved by the USOPC. Questions regarding EAHI distribution criteria should be directed to the respective NGB or U.S. Paralympics coordinator.

Does EAHI include a dental plan? 
EAHI does not include dental coverage, but does provide limited fluoride dental services for eligible participants aged 5 and under per the Affordable Care Act. The USOPC National Medical Network offers a volunteer dental network that provides routine dental care in some geographical areas (i.e., cleaning, exams and cavity care) to athletes who are enrolled in EAHI. Please note that these dental services are not available to dependents through EAHI.

Does EAHI include a vision plan? 
EAHI does not include comprehensive vision coverage but does cover one annual eye exam per year for athletes and dependents.

Additionally, enrolled athletes may receive a one-year supply of contact lens free of charge (not available to dependents) through the National Medical Network. Athletes may apply for this service every 12 months as long as they are eligible for EAHI and have a current prescription.

Does EAHI include life insurance coverage?
The USOPC provides a $10,000 life insurance policy at no cost to athletes who are enrolled in EAHI. This policy is for athletes only and does not include dependents.

What is the process for enrolling in EAHI?
Once an athlete is offered EAHI from their NGB and the athlete accepts the offer, the athlete will receive an email with a link to the EAHI enrollment forms. The athlete must complete and submit all forms for coverage to begin. They will receive an enrollment confirmation from the USOPC’s EAHI administrator with their coverage effective date.

When does EAHI coverage begin?
Once the athlete has completed and submitted all required enrollment forms, coverage will begin on the first day of the following month. For example, if the completed forms are submitted on May 1, coverage will begin that same day; however, if the form is received May 2-31, coverage will begin June 1.

Does EAHI provide coverage outside of the United States?
Athletes are automatically enrolled in United Healthcare Global (UHG), which provides medical insurance when for illness or injury while traveling abroad.

What is the cost for the EAHI plan?
The monthly cost for an athlete’s enrollment in the EAHI plan is 100% paid by the USOPC at no cost to you. Dependents can be added at the athlete’s own expense.

The USOPC must file an annual 1099-Misc with the IRS to report the annual EAHI premiums paid on your behalf. It’s best to contact a tax professional to understand how this could affect an athlete’s individual tax situation.

Can dependents be enrolled on the EAHI plan?
Athletes have the option to add dependents to their EAHI plan at the athlete’s own expense. Eligible dependents include: spouse or domestic partner, children aged 26 and under, including stepchildren, children legally placed for adoption, and children awarded coverage pursuant to a court order.

Can an athlete be removed from the EAHI program or cancel coverage?
There are three ways to be removed from EAHI:

  • Self-Removal – An athlete may voluntarily end coverage by logging into the Team USA Portal and selecting self-removal from the dashboard and providing written notification via email to requesting self-removal. Coverage will terminate at the end of the month.
  • Loss of Eligibility – When an athlete no longer meets the criteria to remain on EAHI, written notification will be emailed to the athlete's last known email address on file at least 30-days prior to the date of termination. Termination is effective on the first day of the month following the 30-day written notification from the USOPC.
  • Doping violation – An athlete reported to the USOPC as having a doping rule violation where the period of ineligibility is more than 3 months will be removed from EAHI. Termination is effective on the first day of the month following the 30-day written notification from the USOPC.

Can an athlete remain enrolled in EAHI while pregnant? What happens if pregnancy affects an athletes’ ability to maintain their ranking needed to qualify for EAHI?

In the USOPC’s effort to continue to support female athletes throughout pregnancy, if a female athlete who is eligible for the USOPC Elite Athlete Health Insurance (EAHI) and/or Athlete Stipends, becomes pregnant, the athlete will continue to receive the same level of resources they were  receiving at the time she notifies the USOPC of her pregnancy for the duration of her pregnancy and for one year after the pregnancy ends so long as the athlete intends to return to competition at an elite level. More information and details are available here.

Once EAHI coverage ends, can an athlete continue on EAHI?
An athlete who is enrolled in EAHI but no longer qualifies to remain in the program, will receive notification via mail with the option to continue coverage for up to 12 months at the athlete’s own expense. The athlete will have 60 days from the date of coverage termination to enroll in the program retroactive to the date coverage was ended.