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U.S. Paralympics Boccia unveils new logo, program identity

By Kristen Gowdy | Oct. 12, 2022, 12:39 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – U.S. Paralympics Boccia today announced its new team logos and program identity, the principles of which will guide the team moving forward into the Paralympic Games Paris 2024 and beyond.


“We are incredibly excited to integrate this new branding throughout our team platforms this season,” Kathy Brinker, U.S. Paralympics Boccia head coach, said. “All eyes are on the future of the sport in this country, and this brand identity is indicative of the growth of the program and the confidence we have in our athletes, coaches and staff to continue to establish us as a force on the world stage.”


The organization partnered with Axio Design, an agency that has worked across the Olympic and Paralympic space, to design the concept behind its shield logo. The mark depicts a boccia ball with a star in the middle flanked by stripes. The text “U.S. Paralympics Boccia” sits within the shield above the ball.


The shield as a whole represents a Boccia playing court, including the angle of the v-line according to the international rules of the sport. The six stripes – three on either side of the jack – symbolize six balls per team and six throwing boxes.


The color scheme, which features navy, light blue and red, was chosen to maintain consistency with the rest of the U.S. Paralympics-managed sports, which also include track and field, swimming, cycling, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and powerlifting.  


The new brand will be implemented immediately across all U.S. Paralympics Boccia channels and will serve as the organization’s principle brand identity moving forward.


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