AUGUST 15, 2011

TymarieHurry Up and Wait 

Saturday July 23, 2011 2:58 PM

I am sitting in the backyard with Marie (my 41 week pregnant wife) and my mother-in-law Marguerite enjoying a beautiful California afternoon.  It may just be the most important day in our lives.  Oh wait, I think I have said this everyday for the past week. At 40 I am still learning what I call life lessons.  This lesson is firmly based on the simple principal that I have absolute control over very little.

For the past 3 months I have been quietly orchestrating the plans for the arrival of our newest family member.  The birth of our new baby will conveniently fall between the US Track and Field Championships and this summers IAAF World Championships.  I would even get to stay home with the newborn and my wife for a month before departing with my athletes for Daegu, Korea on August 20th. 

Cimg6138 CopyAll has gone according to plan until our due date Dr.’s appointment on July 19th, which by the way we never planned to attend. Every well intended friend and family member has insisted that 1st babies always come before the due date.  This information combined with the fact that Marie and I were born before our due dates gave me the reassurance that the little one would be born sooner than later.  We were so convinced of this we flew my mom Debbie out to San Diego to be here for the delivery.  It was a good visit and we were sad to see her fly home last night without seeing the newest Sevin addition.  Mom did get to accompany us to the hospital for the 2nd of our visits to labor and delivery at Balboa Naval Hospital.  If practice does make perfect we sure have this part of the process whipped.  Unfortunately getting to the hospital was always the least of our worries.Cimg6226

As of now all the preparations have been taken care of just awaiting the 3-5 minute contractions for 2 hours so we can again journey over to the hospital.  This whole process will definitely leave us with many stories to pass on to our beautiful little girl.  I am still hurrying up to wait.

Saturday, August 6, 2011 8:10PM

I am happy to announce the birth of our first child Riley Louise Sevin.  Marie and I are thankful for the blessing of life that God has afforded us. I guess the third time was really a charm because the night of the 23rd was the final time we had to drive to labor and delivery.  We checked into the hospital at 11PM and Riley was born at 3:28AM on Sunday July 24th.  I can honestly say the moment she was born was the most significant day in my life (8.04lbs, 21”long, blond hair, blue eyes).  The process happened so fast it seemed like we never had a chance to stop to get nervous about what was about to happen.   This was quite quick because we were led to believe Marie would be in labor multiple hours.  So much for trying to predict how and when anything will happen especially when it pertains to something as important as this. 

Cimg6267 CopyThe baby and Marie were doing great and I was anxious to show her off to the world.   I was back on the fast track, in and out in 24 hours and back to the comfort of home.  I had the room packed and car loaded as Riley’s was wheeled off to her final examination. Needless to say we would be in the hospital for another 72 hours, 12 of which with Riley in the intensive care unit.  I cannot begin to explain the rollercoaster ride of emotion that Marie and I experienced in those few days.  Life instantly became something that no one could have ever explained to me and in reality is impossible for me to pass on to anyone else who hasn’t experienced a child in distress. 

Through the grace of God and with the help of the amazing staff at Balboa Naval Hospital and family we all departed for home healthy on Thursday afternoon.  As I sit in my recliner staring at Riley fast asleep I suddenly realized I don’t want to hurry up anymore.  I desire for time to stop so I could relive this moment over and over.

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ~Angela Schwindt