JANUARY 17, 2012

Family HatsThe New Year came and went I soon realized it has been quite a while since I posted a blog. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and Happy New Year.

The holiday season started off with my father Philip and his wife Brenda visiting for Thanksgiving. This has become a new family tradition and is often the only time Marie and I get to see my dad all year. This year was particularly special because my dad got to meet his granddaughter for the first time. The Thanksgiving celebrations were soon over and before I knew it was November 29th and I was on a plane to St. Louis for the first of 3 busy weekends of Track and Field leading up to Christmas.

The holiday season always seems to be a hectic time of year. This year I was on the road instructing most weekends. December is always a popular time of year for Track and Field Clinics. The birth of our daughter, Riley, defiantly put a new twist on Christmas for our family. It really made me slow down and truly take in the reason for
the season. When it is all said and done I always look back and wonder where the time has gone.

Podium Education Project Clinic
November 30th

USA Track and Fields (USATF) newly created Podium Education Project clinic (PEP) is Ty Coaching
one of my favorite clinics of the year. I had the privilege of co-hosting a pole vault round
table discussion with former US National Pole Vault Development Chair Gregg Hull. It
was a great opportunity to answer direct question from the participants about how we
train our athletes. The PEP format is focused on reaching young coaches who
potentially have athletes who could challenge for a podium spot in the upcoming
Olympic Games. I truly believe the quest for knowledge is the first step in achieving
Brad Walker Spring Training
USATF National Convention
December 1-4
The PEP clinic was strategically scheduled as part of the 2011 USATF Annual Convention. The USATF National Convention gives coaches, athletes and officials the opportunity to take a vested interest in our sport. Participants have the opportunity to take part in various meetings from high performance to development. Membership in USATF offers many benefits to its members and the annual convention is our opportunity to guide its direction. A great weekend concluded and another flight back to
San Diego for a week of intensive practice in preparation for a very big upcoming year.

Missouri High School Coaching Clinic
December 8-9

After a week of practice I was again aboard a flight off to Columbia, Missouri for the
Missouri Track and Field Coaches Association Clinic. I was presenting at this year’s
clinic on the Discus and Shot Put. A typical presentation last about an hour and
consists of either technical or physical preparation. You can view my actual PowerPoint
presentations @ www.intrasport.net by clicking on the Clinics notes link. I hope you
enjoy them. To be continued.............
"Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers."
--Josef Albers