OCTOBER 28, 2010

We make choices all of the time in our lives.  We can either be happy with them, regret them, or try to change them.  I’ve certainly made plenty of choices over the past decade and I choose to be nothing but happy with the ones that I can not change because they’ve led me to where I am now. Steve Mesler

A choice I made recently- to retire from the sport that I love, had so much success in and that occupied my life, both public and private, for nearly a decade is one that I was not sure how I would feel about.  As the bobsleds began to find their ways down mountains all over the world I was in Penn State at another great Deloitte event then down in Florida at my alma mater celebrating homecoming, football and Olympic Bobsled gold.Steve Mesler

I thought it would be tough for me to talk to my former teammates about the first few days of sliding, it has been since 2000 that I was anywhere else besides a bobsled track in mid-October…but you know what? It wasn’t tough.  In fact, I enjoyed it thoroughly!  I have made a choice and stuck by it only to find myself so content in that decision that I could not see doing anything else. 

Steve MeslerWe make choices all the time.  Be happy or change them, but don’t regret them.  If you can’t change them, find a reason to be happy about them and move on, and if you find yourself regretting a decision go and do everything you can to reverse it… If I find myself regretting my retirement you may see me clad in a red, white and blue speed suit again but chances are I’m going to be more than content with a once a week phone call with Bree, Emily or Curt! Steve Mesler

As my friend, Apolo Ohno’s, book is to be released this coming week, I’m going to borrow the phrase from his title… Zero Regrets, I’m there right now and having so much fun.  I mean, check out all the great videos and pics I’ve been able to take recently!!!Steve Mesler