Merrill MosesI am so extremely grateful that I got the chance to go to two amazing media events leading up to the London 2012 Olympics.  The First Media Event that I got to go to was the 100 Day out Celebration in New York.  This was an amazing event where they replicated a Mini Olympic Village in Time Square.  There was a beach volleyball court and BMX Course in the middle of time square.  There was also a double decker red bus just like the ones that London is famous for.  There were numerous stages where different athletes demonstrated there sports and did live interviews.  We started off our day with an interview on the Today Show and then from there signed autographs for fans and spoke throughout the day with numerous media outlets about our preparation and thoughts leading up to the games.  I greatly appreciate the USOC for picking me to represent me and my team to the media leading up to the games.  You guys can see in the picture I attached to this blog, I even had the surprise of having a billboard of myself in Time Square.

The other media event that I had the honor to attend was the Media Summit in Dallas Texas.  This was also an amazing event where we had the chance to talk to various media outlets and also take a wide variety of pictures that will be used leading up to the Olympic Games.  This media event had all of the Olympics major Merrill Mosessponsors there, but also had other media outlets there as well.  I think the most fun I had during this event was when Me, Tony Azevedo, Betsy Armstrong and Brenda Villa did our photo shoot for US Weekly.  It was a great shoot that all 4 of us had a blast at and I know the pictures are going to turn out amazing in the magazine. This was an extremely fun event where I got to spend more time with some of the athletes that were competing in other sports.  I got to hang out with my favorite Tae Kwon Do superstar Diana Lopez and her brother Steven Lopez.  I also got the chance to meet Alex Morgan on the soccer team, Tim Morehouse who is on the fencing team and Jennifer Kessy who is on the Beach Volleyball Team.  It was a great event with some great people that I will never forget.  I want to send a special thanks to Tim Morehouse who gave me his book American Fencer; it is a great book and thanks for signing it bud.

I hope that my fans get a chance to see some of these pictures and interviews leading up to the Olympic Games.  I know there is going to be an enormous amount of media at the London Olympic Games and that NBC is going to do a great job promoting the games as they get closer.  Thank you for all of your support and make sure that you cheer loud for TEAM USA!