Darrell Pace

Darrell Pace is an American Olympic Archer who joined the National Team in 1973 at the age of sixteen. Pace won gold at the 1976 Olympic Games at the age of 19 and continued competing until 1988 at Seoul Olympic Games, where he won silver. During the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, Pace won gold by defeated his completion by over fifty points; the closest in point to him was fellow American Archer, Rick McKinney. Featured in the clip is Pace competing at the Archery range and hitting the target dead center.

Oral Histroy by Darrell Pace

During the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, Darrell Pace’s score is so far ahead of his competitors that by day three of four, Pace has the title comfortably within grasp.  In the audio clip, Pace talks about what it means to him to compete in the Olympic Games.