HEIGHT 5'1" WEIGHT 185 lbs

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Valerie Smith was born on March 14, 1988 in Dearborn, Michigan. The native of Wyandotte, Michigan was introduced to bobsled when she met a bobsled athlete while presenting research for Central Michigan University. He told her to give it a shot. As soon as she graduated, she came out for a combine and she has been hooked ever since. At Adrian College, she was a member of the volleyball team. She was also a member of Team USA Volleyball in 2010.


- She is the oldest of 7 girls and all of their names start with a V (Valerie, Virginia, Victoria, Veronica, Vanessa, Varina and Violet.)
- She is deathly afraid of roller coasters, heights, and elevators 
- She loves all kinds of coffee :)
- Her affinity for Christmas is very high! She loves CHRISTMAS!!