Height:  5’10”
Weight: 170 
Club:  Maine Winter Sports Center
Coaches:  Gary Colliander
Skis:  Madshus
Boots:  Madshus
Poles:  Madshus
College:  Bowdoin College
Hobbies:  Cooking

Walt first started biathlon at the age of twelve after seeing the sport for the first time while on vacation in Quebec.  He spent several memorable years training with the Ethan Allen Biathlon Club in Jericho, VT before moving to Sweden his junior year of high school in order to pursue biathlon.  Walt made his first Junior World Championship Team in 2001, and upon graduating from high school that spring he began training with the Junior National Team full-time.  He went on to compete at the 2002 and 2003 Junior World Championships and the 2005 Senior World Championships.  After missing the Olympic Team in 2006, Walt moved back to his native southern Maine area where he is now a full-time student at Bowdoin College.  He competes for the college as a member of the nordic ski team where he is studying economics and German.  His main goal is to qualify for the 2010 Olympic Team after taking the 2009/2010 school year off, and he expects to graduate in 2011.


Top Results

2006-2007 Season Top Results
1st Sprint, NACH Fort Kent
2nd Pursuit, NACH Fort Kent
2nd Individual, NACH Fort Kent

2007-2008 Season Top Results
1st Sprint, NACH Mt. Itasca
1st Pursuit, NACH Mt. Itasca
1st Individual, NACH Mt. Itasca
My favorite Olympic moment….the first US medal in biathlon!
My favorite place in the world is….not sure yet – tell you when I find it
My best friend is….Katy
The best thing in the last year was….the Red Sox winning the World Series
If I were not a full-time athlete, I would be….rich
I am a slacker when it comes to…. mopping floors
My favorite psych-up music is….techno
When traveling, the thing I miss the most is….Katy
In my car is…. only the essentials
If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be….Steve Jobs
My favorite website is….youtube
My favorite meal is….filet mignon with sautéed green beans and a delicious risotto
I am good at….wiffle ball
I am bad at....relaxing
The best things in life are….expensive. really, really expensive
Katy’s peanut butter bars.…make me happy
My philosophy of life is....if its worth doing, its worth doing right the first time
I could not live without….email
My dream vacation spot is….any place tropical
Pure relaxation is….couch + red sox + beer
I love….baked goods
The best place to rest is….at my apartment
My favorite television show is….Top Chef
You would never mistake me for….a hippie
I never leave my house without….water
My favorite color is….blue