Name: Shebie Serpan

 Team: High Desert

 Coach: Joaquin Chavez/ Andy Tysh

Weight class: 75+

 Height: 5 11

 What year did you being lifting? 2010

 How did you get involved? I was a track athlete and a power lifter who wanted to try something more elite and explosive.

 Favorite Competition Lift: Clean and Jerk

Favorite Training Lift: Clean off the blocks

Education: Majoring in Biology with emphasis on Physiology (Pre-Med)

 Personal Goals: To become the best person/athlete I can be!

Favorite Food: Greek Yogurt (Vanilla)

 Favorite Book: Bible

Favorite TV Show:  NCIS

 Favorite song that gets you motivated:  

  Hobbies/Interested outside of Weightlifting:  Hanging out with my favorite people all while making them laugh.

 Most people don’t know that…. I have to younger brothers that I would give up the world for!